10 sexiest halloween costumes

Saturday, November 08, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Hey everyone, so I decided to write about sexiest halloween costumes, because now it is halloween time and everyone wants to look their best. We all know that halloween is known as holiday where we all dressed in better, sexy versions of ourselves. Some people have trouble finding that costume that will make them more sexy. For my experiences halloween is also known for all singles to get some action. All the craziest things happens on halloween parties and you probably now it too. There are all dangerous costumes that makes you want to do all crazy things to some bad people at that party. A lot of people still think cops costume will be the sexiest thing on any halloween party, but it is not true we have seen it many times and we are over it. That will for sure not turn us on. So let's me tell you what I think are the sexiest costumes:
 1. Mermaid costume: there is nothing sexier then woman having blue colour on herself and that costume can really make her figure look amaing
2. Hula girl: there is nothing sexier then bringing a bit of exotic to a party and with those crazy skirt and little bra with brown colours and with some amazing make up you will charm every man at that party
3. Firefigher: There is nothing better then woman with power, this way you can play with fire in any way you want.
4. Sailor girl: Nothing better then girl with those dark blue and red colours and white hat and if she can look very sexy with a bit of dance routine
5. Catwoman: I think that every man has nasty fantasies about catwoman. There is nothing better for man then woman in tight uniform looking so fit and in kind of dangerous way that makes him so turned on. He would be consider lucky if he got view minutes with you.
6. Wonder woman: Everyone loves any version of wonder woman she can fly and she is pretty powerful that is hot. Wonder woman will always be in. And if you can rock it with some good crazy sexy colours you will have fun night
7. Stripper: I mean strippers are even in real life sexy you can just imagine how they would look like in crazy halloween party even better, everyone dreams of having some wild night with sexy stripper. SO HURRY UP AND GET YOUR STRIPPER COSTUME BEFORE THEY SOLD EVERY OUT!!!!
8. Sexy vampire girl: I mean vampires are in our world sexy so you just have to make some very sexy costume for it. It can be short skirt with little top and some hot boots and it can be some pants and top but everything tight because it is more sexier
9. Girl with a lot of tattoos: We all know guys love woman with tattoos so why not be one for a night. But make sure they see all of your tattoos even if they are at some places that shouldn't be reviled for everyone to see.
10: Hot college cheerleader: Everyone loves cheerleader with they sexy moves only things they need to wear is short shorts and some crop top so everyone can see they sexy body. 
So this are for me this sexiest costumes. I hope I could help you out with halloween costume. Just one thing you have to remember show are much as you can. Be sexier version of yourself and be creative. Have fun at halloween party and hope you get lucky.