A perfect "shoes" boyfriend

Saturday, November 08, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Great match, great to watch,   great to have, always fills you inside, and always gets you off and turn you on at sight.
Morning, evening, or night it always dose you right.
And it becomes a part of you.

 So what is that perfect thing we all girls want, and don’t we wish men were more like that??
 Well of course but let's face it men have so much evolving to before they can turn us on (on sight) , or be able to gets us off every time we put it on , that’s not real now is it , and that kind man would be perfect and that would be in haven .
 So for now since we are on earth don’t we want that satisfaction?!! Don’t we deserve it ?!  don’t we want it??
Hell yeah
 But no man or human can be this perfect all the time no one in this world can satisfy you all the time , or be with you all the time , quite a dilemma isn't is it and there is no way around it , so what is the magical thing am talking about ?!
 Yes yes and fuck yes its shoes; doesn't it fit the profile , it completes , complements  ,covers , fits , fills you.
The right pair of shoes can make you hole and perfect at any place in any time , Shoes are the only thing you can wear any color, shape, brand (if you have money ofc), or nationality of ,with no effort , if only life was this fitting for us.
  When you see that right VALENTINO or LOUIS VUITTON'S RED BOTTOMS  or those comfortable NIKEor CONVERSE , your eyes get wider , you get breathless , heart beats faster , and then you get the shoes and "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "

that hits the spot , see better then sex getting off is GUARANTEED.
  shoe fit you right regardless of your body type or shape and still looks hot as hell , just put them on and your good to go
 Now doesn't a shoe seem like the perfect mate? That is because it is, so go get your mate girls and let us get busy.
"It's always better to have a shoe as a boyfriend then to have a boyfriend like the bottom of a shoe"