Beauty: Black .White. Brown 3

Sunday, November 09, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Big full lips, small lips.
Small nose, big straight nose.
Full round ass, flat ass.
White skin, dark skin.
Blond, burnet, red head.
White, black, Latina.

Skinny, curvy, choppy, fat.
That is what we refer to each other with now!
By adjectives!
Things like color or body shape or sex and sexuality.
It became more important than the person.
You're not who you are
You are what u look like!!
And it would be ok if people will get along on one look so we can all be equal.
However, how should we keep up?
One-day skinny is the trend, and on the next curves are sexy.
One day white skin is on, the next it is all about the bronze and the tan.
It is like make up your fucking mind what should we look like.
So why should I or anyone care about that stuff ??!!
It is simply a pointless effort, even celebrates don’t really look like that
It's due to the magic of Photoshop, so why do we bullied facts on a Photoshop fake reality.
Why do we make real life based on fake reality!!
Doesn't make since doesn't it?
So let us refer each other by owner names
And the adjectives that matter like honesty, loyalty, integrity

Not he is white and she is black.