Black .White. Brown 1

Saturday, November 08, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

White is a color, black is also a color, brown as well, each color has its own personality  but eventually we call them colors don’t we??!! And each color doesn’t control its   color right 
 It was just made this way for a rezone, for instance black maybe a symbol for darkness and sadness but it is also a symbol for luxury and elegance so the same color can mean different things
It is as simple as that, yet humans spend so much time looking at each other’s colors
 That they miss the fact that we all are just colors (humans) and we did not chose our color
?In addition, can anyone tell me what the perfect color is

I dear any one to answer that question simply because there isn’t one, if there was such a thing then all the other colors wouldn’t have been there

So except your color


Everyone else’s color

Because your color is like no other