Black .White. Brown 2

Saturday, November 08, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

While the old time Europeans slaved the Africans due to their dark skins, but they liked their skin color and they found it attractive!! Even some find darker skin sexier

While Arabs say that white people look sick and pail and in Ancient Egypt the used to think that the brown and bronze colors are a sign of strength and health, they even painted the statues in their temples in bronze, but they find that white skin is a sign of beauty!!

Now while Africans believe that the darker your skin is the more pure blooded you are!!

However, they have a soft spot for lighter skin tones and seem to find it more attractive.

Strange isn’t it!!

Even though each ethnic group is stuck in their own believes on beauty but deep down they are open to a different color of beauty , but to stuck up to admit it.

I myself find that a different color, skin, are interesting and intriguing ,and the more different people you know the more you realize the stupidity or raceme and segregation if you all like a different color then why point each other out for that color!

Your differences make you different and interesting

If you're not different you're not interesting.