Is old the new young?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 1 Comments

Is old the new young? This is the question that we are asking regarding the women and men. These day it is common that women are interesting in older men and we also wonder why is that. Why are those good looking amazing women interested in older men when they can have men who are about their age and look better? I can't help to feel sorry for women these day cause they can't find anything better so they go and find themselves an older man and I am not talking about view years older the man has to be at least 20 years older. So we all wonder why is that so well let me tell you what I found out about that.

1. They know how to treat a woman: Older man have experienced it all from tall beautiful brunette to short a bit slutty blonde and they know how they like to be treat. With so many years you just have to have some knowledge about it.
2. They are more stable in many areas: When a man has already lived for long time and been through a lot of stuff bad and good he is in way very stable. Like he would probably do anything to make a relationship unlike younger men who would give after one bad experience, they are also able to mange finance and they know what is rational to buy and what not. They are also very forgiving and also mentally more stable.
3. They have more confidence: They don't really care what others think about them and they are more polite. They dress what they like and don't care what others would say about it.
4. They seem more mature: When men has more age he gets more mature, I wouldn't they stop acting like children but at least a bit something and that is better then younger men. With younger men you
sometimes really feel like you have a child and you have to take care for him 24/7.

5. They've already made a few mistakes and learned from them: It is annoying to woman to keep dating guys who keeps making the same mistakes and never learn from them and never learn how to handle in different way. Older men had made probably 1000 times those mistakes but they finally learned from them probably not first time but after few times they might have learned from them. That is why older men are a bit wiser and that is comforting for woman.
6. They know what they want: That applies in and outside bedroom. Older men can make inconstantly decisions. Man who can't make quickly a decision it doesn't it is a big of small decision that is not good for woman cause she already one who can't make fast decision and if also the man she is dating that is just not going to be good at all.
7. They are past the drama: Drama when you fight with someone about very stupid things, and the things that you will probably forget very fast. Older men don't care about little things and really can't be bothered with stupid drama. I mean you always kind of have drama family or some of your friends but at least from man you are dating you won't have to get it. He won't be mad if you made plans with your friends instead of him.

So those are some things I noticed by women that are dating older men. I think those things make since and now I understand woman who are dating older men. One member of my family is also dating older man and I didn't get it, but now it is for me clear. I had fun working on this article I hope you guy enjoyed reading it.


Totally agree... a mature man, not that old, but mature uis always better than any kid in anyway, guarantee a great, satisfactory and easygoing relationship