Sexting, the power of words

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

By no means can it replace actual sex sex, but sexting can surely be a pretty cool world to explore.

Unbelievable as it can be, I'm a kind of newbe in Sextingland.  And being some sort of bookworm all my life, I do know the great power of words. Words can make you laugh, cry, change your life in many ways, help you to focus on what you want, shape your attitude in many ways.  So, why not?, it's only logical that words can actually make you feel real physical desire.

Let's take for instance the popular whatsapp: you, single lady, come home late at night, and really exhausted from work, make tea, take it to your bead, turn on the TV, your phone vibes: it's your “something”, he is texting you <<how was your day bby?>> <<Awful, I just wanna die>><<plz don't, love, (add any touchfeely emoji you like here)... I wish I could be there, I'd make you a massage>>… <<I wish this>>, <<I wish that>>, <<I'd do this>> <<I'd do that>>, and suddenly he is kissing your neck, touching your breast and you're <<*moaning*>>, <<*ohing*>>, <<uffffing*>>, and of course, kissing, licking and smooching back.

You find your skin is getting the creeps, a warm blood flows through your body, you actually sigh for real, stupidly smile alone in your bed, your legs move unconsciously under your blanket, you're felling the great power of words working on your brain releasin hormones, you want him to feel the same at the other side of the chat, it's a matter of revenge, he deserves no less, this is not an eye for an eye, but a boner for a boner, the kind of justice no one could be against of!

I've realised that your communications skills can be really helpful here in this new universe, that ability to paint with words a scenario, a situation, to describe with detail and with style that mental image of what you want to do on him, and the gift of put those words in a way that turns him on, the feeling is simply wonderful.  Also i've learn to appreciate this low profile frustrated writers who display all of their hidden skills on the social networks, making of their FB status whole editorials, and of a 140 character twit a bit of a masterpiece quote, they seem to be really good at this...

So, find your ways to master this magic artcraft my ladies!, achieve the great power of having the right words in the right order, in the right moment, to please and get pleased your selves whenever you like!... also cuz it’s a reaaaaally good fore-foreplay…   pick a good erotic reading for instance, but trust me on this, you'll not going to get this skills reading “50 shades of Gray”, seriously...

PS: One more tip: Never ever ever girls, send naked pics with your face… today’s your friend but tomorrow never knows, so be careful!