Long Distance Relationships

Friday, December 05, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 2 Comments

Long distance relationships everyone thinks those couples who do it will probably break up soon, but my opinion is different. I think long distance relationships are not that bad and now these days more and more people do it and make it even work. I think those kind of relationships are more interesting and more fun and it also gives you space from each other a bit, when you can't see each other then it gives you time to do other stuff like go out with your friends and other fun things you used to do when you were single. I don't say people become boring when they get into a relationship, but they kind of change they spend more time with they boyfriends or girlfriends and do everything with them. I think long distance is not bad thing for a relationship, it is actually very good thing. If you are willing to make it work and make it as passionate as it was when you were both living in the same place, and also just make sure nothing changes then I think it will for sure work.
I mean I guess you can't really have sex whenever you feel like it or you are just horny, you will have to wait until your loved one comes for visit, but you can be creative like phone sex or maybe sexting is always fun or sending each other dirty pictures and videos. I mean it probably won't be long until your boyfriend or girlfriend comes to visit you so don't worry. But when your loved one comes make sure to make every moment very special and get enough of sex so that you will have enough until he or she comes back, and avoid stupid fights trust me it is not worth it. I think you should also try to make each other some present for some special day so they feel like you think of them and also don't be afraid to surprise them and come visit them. Try visiting them as often as you can and try to keep that passion alive. Also don't call them being very sad because you can't see them everyday that will just make them very upset, better go to your friends have fun evening and you will forget about it. Make yourself busy, do things you love and be happy and positive person. I think long distance
relationships are very hard but are also worth it at the end. If you love that person so much you will try your best to make it work, don't quiet it only because it is getting to hard or you need some love go to your friends and family they can also give you that not in that way but at least something. And don't think about sleeping with someone only because you feel lonely after you will feel very bad and later in your life even worst because you might screwed up something that could have been great. If you feel like nobody understand you how you feel you are wrong your partner is in the same position and for him or her is also hard so if it get hard talk to each other that is way better then just being moody and sad. Long distance relationships can be good for relationship as well as bad. If some couple is already in bad terms with each other it might be good thing cause then they will have space for each other and then notice they love each other and they can't live without each other or it can be bad because it will end the relationship. But I think it is better to try then not to try. I know couple of couples who had or have a long distance relationship and they are all pretty happy with it. The main thing in long distance relationship is to focus on things you like to do and be busy and just happy person not thinking when you will see you loved one.
"The distance make our love stronger" 

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OMG!! I love it. So full of hope and good feelings!!

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