What you have to do to eat less chocolate, sweets and more unhealthy food

Saturday, December 13, 2014 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

I have been listening to a lot of people talking how to eat less chocolate and now it is especially hard because it is xmas time and it is chocolate and all nice sweet things all over the place. So I decided to write how to control it and eat less. I have had this problem for very long time I love eating sweets and chocolate and it feels so nice better then the feeling you get when you have a boyfriend or when you are in love, but trust me you can live with it just a bit less. But you know if you are thinking of reducing it you are doing that right and that will not only help your health but also help you look better and fitter. What I first did is, I removed all of chocolate and sweets from my house so when I am bored I will not be able to eat it. It always get hard when you don't know what to eat and you decide to eat chocolate cause it is the easiest thing you don't have to cook or do anything. What also hard is when you live with other people who also love shitty food and they make cake and you just want to it so badly but can't it is just the worst. But don't do it be strong so another thing I did is I just didn't eat any chocolate also cakes or anything that has a lot of sugar because trying to avoid sugar is probably hard cause now you can't find anything that hasn't got a bit of sugar and anyways and also didn't eat bread for two weeks. In first week it was hard because every time I came home I only had those things to eat but then I stayed strong and went to store near my home and bought myself a salad and it felt so good, after that first week it was easy and then I noticed I didn't even need to eat it. So that is it if you just stay away from it for a while you will not want it so much as you used to. Now I have like one sweet thing a week and that is even a lot from me. Also what I do is drink a lot of green tea it is healthy and it is good for your health. Try drinking a lot of water during the day and just ear normal not too much just enough and don't think about sweet things just avoid them. You can allow yourself to eat it but just control it try this way if it doesn't work try eating it maybe one day less a week and then next one more and then try doing it then. Reducing chocolate will be very good and just stay strong, keep telling yourself you can do it and you will do it. If you need any other advice about health or fitness you can write us and we will be happy to answer you those.