10 facts about latinos

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Latinos who are they? Well if you didn't know yet they are all the people who live in South America it doesn't matter is it from Brazil Mexico or Colombia and they are known to be a bit crazy like fun crazy and they are great people but like culture they have their things that makes them what they are. I will tell you some facts about latinos that I have learned over the years

1. They LOVE dance and it is for them one of most valuable skill : ever since they were born they have known that dance is something amazing and most of them are amazing dancers and their parents  probably thought them since they were little salsa, samba and more latino dances. Dance is not just dance for them it is part of their life it is like thing they have to know learning to dance is for them  as important as learning how to walk.

2. Their family is kind of big and they are all laud and they will embarrass them every chance they get: they have big family and some members are for sure weird will probably embarrass them with some stupid jokes  and their mom goes to talk to their teacher saying how he is just the most hardworking person she knows and shows your baby picture to everyone, and if there is some event at school every single member of their family will be there and they will be so laud that people would think that they are around 1000 people there. I think they are just that and it is kind of their personality. I mean that must be sometimes annoying but it is sweet because that is their way of showing they care and they are supporting each other. 

3. Their temperament: latinos temperament is like high high european also might have temperament but that is no where near latinos temperament. But this is not about fighting or anything they are like very emotional and affectionate and if get into fight it will be big deal. I think they don't like getting into fights but when there is a fight they will not help break the ice and you will probably will the one who will have to break the ice. But I guess that is part of their personality. I think that part of their personality I really like. It gives them a bit of edge 

4. They will have to eat every meal that their parents make, because if they don't their parents will think something is wrong with them: latinos love food and love making food and their are grew up eating a lot of food and if your parents made their something they will have to eat that because first it is insult to the person who made it thinking you don't like my food and also he is latino and he ain't eating is he like dying. Food is very important to latinos

5. They are not all tanned: not all latinos are tanned, they are many tanned but it doesn't mean they have to be. Only latinos get that a person is latino without being tanned

6. Latinos love spicy food: for latinos our spicy is not even that bad. Latinos can handle a lot of spicy food and they eat all food hot and spicy with some good drink with it. 

7. Latinos love drinking alcohol: it doesn't matter if it is Monday night and you will have to work tomorrow if you are best friends with latino you will have to go everyday out and drink together. They love drink it doesn't matter if they are sad, happy they will drink. They also love buying you drinks and just being fun and partying all the time 

8. Latinos are amazing at sex: latinos are great at a lot of things but sex is for sure one thing they are the most good at. When you get down with latino you probably won't feel a think on your body because of how hard they working in a bed. Trust me they love games but when there is a work to be done the customer will be very happy highly happy. 

9. Latinos are always up for good time and can always pop up at your house: latinos are always ready for fun it doesn't matter if they are tired, mad, sad, or anything else if you feel like partying at least your latino friend will come, if you are party type make sure to get yourself a little latino friend. If you are not party type and you go to the bed early but yet you have a latino friend you will have to experience your latino friend coming to your house late at night and waking you up because he can't sleep or he is bored. 

10. Don't ever think your latino friend will come on time when you make plans: latinos they are fun, crazy a bit emotional but they are also very casual. If you make plans with them he will probably start getting ready at the time you are suppose to meet. Don't mind them, they are just raised that way and you can't do anything about it. I'll give you a tip tell your friend to meet up earlier then you planned on showing up at least then you will not have to wait to long. 

I guess that was fun writing about my fun latinos. I have a lot of latinos friends and I love all of them a lot they are the most amazing people, they care about people and will always be there for you and will help you in bed and good times. I also have to agree with some things they do my mentality is similar to latinos because I am originally from Serbia and we are also very crazy like latinos. The mentality is being casual not too much worries everything will be alright. I personally like this mentality better.