Cities with the best nightlife

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We all love to party and have fun, if we can chose we would party every day, but there are some cities that have really great parties. Even if we like to party in our cities, those cities are just so wild with parties and you have to go and party there if you love to party.

Bangkok: Bangkok have great nightlife from rooftop bars that have amazing cocktails, dance clubs with great music and the best Djs and trendy bars especially the jazz bars with classic music

Buenos Aires: This city is night city and great things are happening there at night. People from there don't go to the clubs before 2 am and they eat dinner at midnight. They have some of most amazing clubs from electronic clubs to dance clubs and rock clubs

Las Vegas: There is no money in the world that you can't spend in Las Vegas, in this city you spend so fast your money. There are so many clubs from fancy dance clubs to classic and of course strip clubs that everyone enjoys. There is also casino that everyone goes to when they go the Las Vegas. If you have no luck in Vegas you won't have luck anywhere and all the wild things happen there and there in a famous quote "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" and that means all wild things happen that you don't want to go back home with those things you like them but only in Vegs

Barcelona: Who doesn't love Barcelona? Barcelona has the greatest nightlife you can find, from local bars at in the centre of Barcelona to great night clubs with great views like Opium next to beach and when you look outside you can look at the sea. At clubs there is the latest hits from house music to hip hop and r&b

London: the city with greatest most craziest clubs, that have fantastic music and great vibes. People from all over the world come there to party, they have so many different people from many different parts of the world. English people are also known as big drinkers and with alcohol they don't know their limits. They also have great pubs that you can enjoy casual nights with your friends with many many beers and nice music.

Sao Paulo: the night life in Sao Paulo is diverse and intense. They have from indie pubs to trendy bars and restaurant to different styles of clubs from great DJs to live music in clubs and different themes parties. They are also famous for clubs next to the beach, because Brazil has great beaches and is exotic country they are using that beauty to be even better atmosphere. It is nice when the club is next to beach when you get tired you can have a little walk by the beach.

New York: Everyone says the city that never sleeps, but that is actually not true. Most of people in New York enjoy the nightlife only on weekends and most of places are only open on the weekends I mean like places to go out. The good things about New York's nightlife is that there are a lot of clubs and bars at one place that is good because when you get bored you can always go to another place, but it very hard do decide which one to choice. New York has great club scene from rooftop parties and cozy hangouts, and New York has a lot of places where people go to watch sports and drink beer and it is very casual. The greatest thing about New York's nightlife are the bars all over the city from casual bars to trendy and fancy bars that only serve cocktails. 

Cancun: one of the greatest cities in this world and my favourite party city. In Cancun there is something for everything, but most exciting things happen at the night, that is when the city wakes up. They have great clubs, hotels with live music, bars, parties, festivals, shows and more. You can see a lot of spring breakers there it is great place for young people. There are a lot of clubs that have contest like tshirt contest, bikini or the best female/male body contest and that is a lot of fun for everyone especially for young people. Cancun also has clubs next to beach and you can see even on this photo that sea has clear blue colour. During the day most fun things are happening at the beach where you can go to the beach bars, dance on the beach and they have a lot of crazy fun activities there from driving jet ski to wild contests

Chicago: upscale night clubs and unique cocktails and electronic music, and great nightlife with great paces to go from dance clubs to bars and pubs. And they also got great crowd from middle age business men to college students and everyone is on the best mood and ready to party

Berlin: this city has is really great when it comes to party. From sexually uninhibited parties, pubs that you can party from early in the day and continue party till the end of the night, rooftop club party and great places that you can listen to punk music

Los Angeles: in this city you can party in some many different ways. From fancy places like club Nokia or dress to impress kind of style at Drai's and Colony and they have places mix of dancing, dancing and entreatment and you can see Los Angeles has a lot of places like this. You can get great cocktails at those places. Los Angeles always have some great concerts, because all the famous people come there to promote themselves. Also they have great bars, though a bit more fancy and you do have to dress up when you go out in Los Angeles. Good nightlife though I am not too happy that they close clubs very early, I am not used to that because in Europe we party till 8 am 

Miami: The famous for his South Beach, though it is a bit overrated people love it. Clubs next to the beach or on the beach like very popular club in South Beach Nikki Beach Club, it is very fancy, the drinks are also quiet expensive and all the fancy people go there from celebrities to business people and just view travellers and students go there. If you go out in Miami it means you go out in style, there are no casual places there, and you will have to spend a lot of money. There are a lot of clubs in one place you can probably go from one clubs to another and it is party party and party. 

There are many more party cities, but these are cities I think have the best nightlife, and I am sure everyone who goes there enjoys their nightlife. How does nightlife in your city looks like? What does the good nightlife means for you? Where is in your opinion the best nightlife? Do you think these cities I listed have good nightlife?



wow! a great roundup of cities that never sleep. I'd love to visit Cancun and Sao Paolo :) Great post!