My nail polishes

Sunday, February 15, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

I also did my nails today and went through my nail polishes and took photo of them and I wanted to share with you. I have way more but I took photo of my favorites and yes I know I am kind of crazy too much makeup and too much nail polishes I just enjoy buying stuff like that.

From left: OPI sparrow the drama, china glaze I pink I can, china glaze sexy lady, china glaze traffic jam, china glaze hey sailor, OPI dutch tulips, china glaze salsa, china glaze high roller, china glaze ruby pumps, OPI every month is oktoberfest

As you can see I have quiet a lot china glaze nail polishes I used to buy more OPI but I kind of started to like the colour the china glaze have and also it is a bit cheaper and the quality is about the same. I just think if you buy nail polish you should look for quality as well, because bad nail polish can really mess up your nails. When I was younger I just bought whatever nail polish I liked, but now that I learned about nail polishes I am really looking for quality. I would tell you to buy china glaze or OPI and Essie is also good but don't even think about buying essence it is just very bad. So what nail polish do you use? Share us your nail polishes and why you use them