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Thursday, February 26, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 2 Comments

Workouts and exercises are very important to for healthy lifestyle. When you workout you stay fit and you get stronger in many ways. Workouts are not just to lose weight, they are for your metal healthy also good. Important by working out is to want to work out, to enjoy doing that, because it won't have the same effect if you don't like doing it, you also have to be committed to it and work hard and set yourself a goal and also like I said for weight lose working out isn't enough you have to watch what you are eating and eat healthy. You can check out here  you have some great recipes for healthy meals. To figure out what is the best work out for you is very hard and was me that was the
hardest part but I got some workouts that works for everyone.

Workout 1: for legs shape
15 Cross squats
15 Sumo jack
15 Lunge crunch R
15 Lunge crunch L
30 Curtsey lunge
And you do those 3-4 rounds I would at the beginning do 3 rounds and 30-45 seconds of break after every round

Workout 2: tone your legs and arms
30 curtsey with 90 degree side hole
15 sumo with 90 degree fwd hold
15 side lunge with bent elbow hold
15 squats R with 90 degree raise
15 squats L with 90 degree raise
30 overhead lunges
For this workout you will need weights and for this workout you will do 3-4 rounds but in the beginning you should start with 3 rounds so you can adapt to the workout.

Extra workout: 

15 jump squats
24 weighted walking lunged 12 per leg
15 sumo squats
24 weighted step ups 12 per leg
24 scissor kicks 12 per leg
12 bench jumps
24 knee ups 12 per leg
15 double bench squats
10 Burpess
15 push ups
20 tricep dips
30 plank
12 weighted squat clean and press
50 mountain climber 25 per leg
24 commandos 12 each arm
12 split push ups
40 bikes 20 each side
15 weighted bent leg jackknifes
30 raised leg sit ups with twist 15 each side
20 sit ups
20 toe touches

These are extra and that means optional you can do after workout 1 or 2 and as much as you want probably at then beginning you should do view and as your training progress you should add more to it. Those two workouts I gave you you should only do one a day. I will post soon photos of all those workouts if you don't know how to do it so you will know. If you need any guidance about those workouts just write us. I have view questions for you guys do you work out? and how often? how does your workout routine looks like?

A lots of love