Types of parties

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Who doesn't love party isn't that right? Everyone loves to get together with their friends to have fun in a lot of different ways and that thing that people get together to have fun is called party and now people make so many different parties. I also love to party and I have been to a lot of different party and I partied in different ways so I put together the list of parties I have been to this could be something interesting for people who are going to throw party soon and don't know what to do.

Theme party: very popular parties these that, where is focused on one certain theme like 80s party, maskball, for special dates like valentines day party, new year party and more. I love those parties because you can dress up and be someone different.

Dinner party: this parties are very casual, you only invite your close friends there and you cook them something nice and you talk the whole night and have great time with them. It is kind of fun, and also nice to catch up with your friends if you didn't see them for a while

Pijama party: ooh who doesn't love those parties, couple of hot wild chick doing wild things. At those parties girls get together and official watch movies, eat and go to the bed very very early and just spend time with their friends and that story is for their parents. At least in my experience girls got together to be weird and wild together, drink a lot of alcohol, do wild things, chase boys and try new things and by new things I mean anything you want. And I loved those parties and those parties are the hottest, naughtiest and wild parties.

Personal party: those parties are like birthday parties, graduation parties, baby shower, bridal shower, housewarming parties, reunion parties, and going away parties. Those parties are made for one personal or sometimes more but usually one and people come to those parties for one personal. Even if those parties sound a bit boring those party could fast get fun and happens nasty things at those parties and could also be a lot of drama. I know I had view drama at my birthday parties for sure.

Outdoor party: I just love those parties, their are outside and very fun. Typical outdoor parties are beach party I love them everyone looks hot there and everyone gets so wasted, amusement park parties they are also awesome every has blast and are the most remembered parties and of course garden parties in summer amazing great food, music and drinks are popping everywhere and a lot of people to hook up with. 

Cocktail party: Very formal parties with a lot of cocktails and you kind of have to dress elegant for those parties. Those parties are very fancy, but because people take one drink after another they got drunk very fast and that is gets very fun. I have experience so much funny moments at those parties.

Apparel party: a party where everyone is suppose to wear themed up piece of clothing and they often get prize for the best costume. Those parties are really fun, because you never know how other people are going to come and it is fun to see all the costume and see how other people are creative and it is fun to see who wins at the end of it. I remember I won once at some apparel party and I think I was some princess. 

Foam party: at those party people dance to the music on a dance floor covered in several feet of suds or bubbles dispensed from a foam machine. People come to party with clothes and as the party progress then they take off their clothes, some people come at those parties with bikinis or swimwear. At those parties people look very hot and they are partly naked so it is kind of perfect place to hook up. It is also fun you are totally wet and those parties and looking very disgusting but it is fun at those parties. Those parties are very popular for their hotness and a lot of hook ups happen their. 

House party: at those parties people throw party at their house or apartment and invite their friends to hang out, listen to the music, and get drunk and the main idea of those parties is to have fun when parents are away. At those parties it always ends up with more people then it was meant to, but those parties are wild a lot of wild things happening. 

Pamper party: is party held primarily amongst females where each guest receives beauty and massage treatments and generally spend time indulging and pampering themselves. Those parties are very casual and people can really enjoy the party. It is always a lot of gossiping and chitchatting at those parties. 

Party bus party: party bus is a large motor vehicle usually derived from a conventional bus or coach, but modified and designed to carry 10 or more people for celebrating and getting together. Those parties are very interesting, because the bus stops to a lot of clubs and you can kind of do a little clubs tour and it is very interesting you change to a lot of clubs and it is not the same music people everywhere and that is not boring and it is a lot of laughing and fun times. 

Stop light party: at those parties there are three colours to chose from the green one and that means the person is single, yellow means it is either complicated or someone the person is dating is not sure about them yet and red means in relationship. The purpose of a stop light party the people who like someone at the party know where they stand and to know already if they even have a chance with that personal. Those parties are always fun it is always drinking, dancing and being wild. Single go and find the next stop light party in your area
College aka frat party: frat parties are hosted by a fraternity, and it is a chance for a college students to meet new people but also perfect place to hook up and have meaningless sex. Those parties are very wild, and it is for sure fun. There is a lot of dancing, wild games to play, drinking and of course hook ups. I think everyone should go to those parties, they are very fun and you will meet new people there. 

Those are some of parties I have been to, and I loved every party I am always up for fun, but my most favorite party would be frat party, party bus party and foam party. Their are I guess for me the most interesting parties. And my dear readers just party anywhere you are and have fun don't worry about nothing.



you guys seem like quiet party gals, I also want to try all these parties sounds very fun

you guys seem like quiet party gals, I also want to try all these parties sounds very fun