Valentine's Day

Friday, February 13, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

So Valentine's day in just in one day and I just thought it would be nice to write about it. For me Valentine's day is nothing special, because I am from Europe and when I was little it wasn't that popular at all we haven't celebrate it for very long time. The idea of Valentine's day is great just doing something special for person that you love and just showing them how much you love them and I find it very cute how some couple celebrate it, but it has became very demanding that people don't really have choice to do something special or not for their partner they really have to and it can't be something small and has to be big a lot of spending and that is not what that day should be about. I think this day was made so that people would be reminded that there is someone there that loves them and that they mean world to them by giving them or making something small but special for them.

 And it is also mean to single people, because it reminds them that they don't have anyone and it puts pressure on them and force to find some date and if they don't have date and they have to go to valentine's party that is just stupid and that is the time when single people get depressed. I think when someone loves someone they would make everyday special with the person they love and not just on that one day a year. The idea was very cute but it became too much. But I love hearing how people spend that day. If you have your favourite Valentine's Day story share with us. My Valentine's Day is pretty great I always go out with my good friends and have a nice dinner and some drinks or we all just watch pretty romantic movies and we have so much fun. It would be also nice to have someone but if I don't I won't be depressed or sad I will make the best of it. Single people listen to me just make that even more fun then it would be if you had someone and don't pay attention what people who are in love are saying to you they don't get you cause they are in love, but trust me you will find also that someone but don't try to hard to find that one it will happen when it happens. For those who are in love and are still looking for present for your partner let me tell you don't spend too much money on a gift just get something special and something your partner will for sure love.
I think the best gift for V day is when you made something for your partner and that would be cheaper and your partner will know you made an afford and your partner would remember that more then anything expensive or that your bought. Here are view things you can make for your partner:
-Make a nice dinner something that you partner loves to eat
-Make a cute video for your partner with your photos
-Make an accessories for your partner it doesn't matter if it is for phone, key or something else and very cute
-Find an exotic place and bring your partner there
You also have many other things you can make. Anyways I just think people shouldn't make such a big deal out just one day. People who are love should be happy and people who are still not in love should also be happy and shouldn't force them to find someone it will come when it comes. My lovely readers be happy and don't worry just enjoy V Day and if you have V Day story to share with us please write us.