The return of the king? Or the clown?

Monday, March 23, 2015 Unknown 2 Comments

I'm here to talk about some places in the internet called like part of some sort of space for men or “mansphere”. I'm so annoyed by that. Most of my friends are men, respectable guys, lovely, protecting, smart, hardworkers and yeah, very good lovers. As a latin, I'm used to the macho man, the man who keeps on being the “varón”, and yeah, we ladies kinda like it, the macho… I've no problem with it... But there in the mansphere, I don't see machos, I don't see that vaunted masculinity and superiority, I see men who proclaim themselves anti-feminist, and objectify, diminish, and mistreat women, share tips to get girls into bed, to cheat on them and submit them, and that makes me feel sick.

I have known many great men, so secure of themselves, they don't need to humiliate any girl to feel superior, they respect you, talk to you as an equal and love you as a dear friend. But this guys of sites like or or with ideas like “All bitches are crazy” or “It’s about being a man, taking what you want” or “A woman cannot be logical”... These are men scared of women, scared like hell and trying to get some “control” they feel they have lost, by getting to manipulate, re-domesticate and overpower their girls.

At first I thought they were a prank news platform or some sort of joke sites. When I got those cheese articles on how to “game” an Indian girl” into making her “emotionally dependent and then taking her virginity away” or the one that got my attention in the first place on how to score with a colombian girl depending on her “socioeconomic tier”... Gosh, they were for real! I just couldn't believe my eyes!, I mean, how much bullshit can the internet abide?

These guys are not only highly misogynist and abusive, they are also (of course) homophobic, anti-islamists and racist, they're like some new Nazis protecting their superior white race and the supremacy of the alpha male. They really are that psycho!

I’ve always thought that scared people are dangerous, I think that the many changes of modernity have left some guys with that feeling of identity crisis, like if they're not the home boss and the one who puts food on the table anymore (we women do that), if we don't need them to protect us anymore, or don't want to marry them and get compromised, if we are the boss, the leader, the CEO, if we are not as they say “ emotionally dependent”, then what? They think they have to re-conquer their ”natural spaces”?... These new republicans, tories, or as we say in my country “godos”, they need help!; seriously, this is mental, and sick, perverted and potentially dangerous.

So I'm calling to you, decent girls, and men as well, those real men who don't feel like you have anything to fear about us. We really need to strongly reject this sites, denounce them, report the twitter and Facebook accounts. I mean these guys are calling to a really nasty way of violence against your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, daughters. Please help us to neutralise their hatred message.

We are to denounce here the sites and accounts starting with

One last thing, feminism is not about feeling superior. I'm declaring myself out of that battle-of-sexes trap. Feminism means equality on opportunities, same right to decide and be free, like any human being, means respect and being respectful, we don't claim to be the same as you guys, you'd probably be better equipped for a zombie apocalypse for example. But in this modern world we're in, things are more civilised, you know. We do go to work, you cook, you take care of babies, we manage the money, and we all play our role our best. I know a proud dad who takes care of 4 kids and he's mom and dad at the same time and does it great. So feminism's about recognising we all as humans and be friends and enjoy life. Why not approach each other with honesty and without any hidden agenda? That is true feminism.
To those guys I love deeply my good friends, best macho men ever without any need to subdue any girl or take advantage of them, to keep on being males, many kisses to you guys, you are my true kings... those losers on the mansphere... they're no more than clowns to me... 
To those other guys, tempted with this falsely secure men-world: guys, do you really want Stepford wives? Do you remember the end of the movie??
Well, this is a Stepford world, my friends, don’t let them manipulate your minds!

BONUS: check out this delusional man and see for your self, way too creepy!! really:


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as an independent woman. A delusion - where only a macho man can save u from the zombie apocalypse. The writer admits she would not survive alone.

Youtube - Sandman MGTOW: if u want the truth.

hahahaha there r many independent women in this world, dude, even when u don't want to see it. Men with such fear against women r no macho men!!!! not in a million years.... we agree on one thing, in case of zombie apocalypse I would probably need a guy to survive (he woud probably need me too... just probably)