Things everyone should know before start dating

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It is hard getting after having a lot of boyfriends or long relationships to meet someone new and to like that person. Dating is always the best day to meet a potential boyfriend, but people who never dated or just went on view dates or dated long time ago should know some facts before they start dating:

1. You have to look your best: the moment you decided you want to start dating you have to also start going to the gym and being healthy and fit, also get yourself some new clothes and always look good with a bit of makeup on for girls and it doesn't matter if you are going to buy some food or going out always look nice. When you actually go on a date you have to spend at leas two hours getting ready it doesn't matter if it is casual date or some fancy date you will on both look good, but the person who you will go on date with will think that you only spent five minutes getting ready but still looking so good.

2. Don't expect too much of a date: don't think that he or she will say I love you let's get married after first date or even that you are going to like him, to be honest most of the first dates are very awful and it will be also kind of weird and you both
probably be very nervous. So just go on date very open minded, but keep in mind it could be something very bad but also good, you could have fun but also very bad time, he could be the one or he could be the worst person you have ever met so just go and see don't make a huge deal about it. If you can choice where to go on first date I would choice somewhere very casual so it is less awkward

3. Choice someone to go on date with with whom you know you have chance: usually people meet in club or some random places and they exchange their numbers, when you meet someone ask them first what they do, their interests and see if you could imagine being with people like that before even giving the person your number and asking them on a date

4. Be yourself: when you finally do go on a date be yourself don't pretend to be someone else, just be you and act normal, it is stupid to pretend to be someone else. If the guys doesn't like you as you he won't like you as someone else

5. Go on dates with as many people as you can: don't stick to one person, try out a lot of people even if you like that one person, he is also probably dating other people too and if you date that much people it will be easy to find that one person for you. It will give you chance to experience a lot of types an decide with whom you suit the best.

6. Don't take it too seriously: when you start dating and you like that one guy, don't already think about relationship and your future, because before you even get into relationship it will take time. Don't call him or text him everyday, don't think too much about him and try also to ignore him sometimes don't always be available for him, that will seem to desperate.

7. Don't be too picky: don't think if person who should go on date with doesn't look like person you imagined in your head, doesn't mean that you won't like that person. Look outside the box, people imagine stuff in their head that are not to realistic and should also look outside of box, even if that person might be a total idiot you will learn from that, but you have to at least try.

8. Don't fall too fast: while dating people are not looking for anything serious, so if you like someone don't fall too fast, be carful don't be too serious and don't talk with the person about marriage and children.

9. If the person seems very into you at the beginning doesn't mean that it will stay this way: when people are dating people are trying to get to know the person they are going on date with and they seem very interesting into you asking a lot of questions about you and then they stop and you will think the person is not into me anymore that might be true but 90% is not true the person might met someone also and is now getting to know that other person or he is a boy who likes to play games and makes you feel that he is not that interesting to be in control or something like that or he just doesn't want you to think that he is very into you. Don't ask me why they do that my answer is this is just typically for boys.

10. Be interesting and creativity: if you want the person to ask you on other date be interesting do something very funny and fun. Make the person remember you, if you are the one who is choosing the place choice something interesting like live concert to concert the person is going to love I mean if you took the person to his dream bands concert he won't forget that and he will think that girl is cool and awesome I need to see this one again or take him to some outdoor sport I mean those sports are always very excited and adventurous and who doesn't like that and just mix it up and do something you know he won't do on some regular date. Just make him remember you because of your awesome date.

And these are some of stuff you should know before start dating. Dating at the beginning should be very casual and fun don't force anything if it is meant to it will happen and if not leave it. Don't make huge deal out of it just be yourself and relax and have fun. Are you dating at the moment? Have you ever been on date? What is your best and worst date story


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