Beauty money ((makeup))

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We all wish if we had millions of dollars to spend on fashion and make up, unfortunately, the world is cruel and we don’t get to do that.
So in this article I'll tell you guys the things you should be spending more money on, some more than others.
Let's go by this simple rule "the more you use it spend money on it"
Second rule is the "more it rubes on you the more money you spend on it"
Third rule "the longer it lasts the more money you spend on it"

So now I will share some of those that are worthy of money spending:

- Eyeliner pencils: 
Never ever get a cheap one you put that stuff on the inside of you eyes.
cheap eyeliner pencils have led in them which can cause so many issues more than I can explain in this article, so try brands like "Sephora" pencils liners they are only 9$ and awesome fun colors," Revlon" 7-10$ great brand , " MYBELLEN " 15$,"MAC" 15$,"Bourjois" almost 7$.
To know if your eyeliner has led in it, take a small peace of it and place it over a magnate if it sticks to it then it has led

- Powder/Foundation:
always get the best because that stuff is on your skin for hours sometimes and makeup is one or the rezones we get acne an spots so pick a good one  , a good powder shouldn't have pimples on it is should be smooth and very mixable on your skin and doesn't leave any residues .
 And here are some cool brands "M.A.C" studio finish powder its great and gives a flawless finish wither it's every day or in special accusations  its bout 27$and will last 3-6 months.
  "Neutrogena" it's also great for everyday use soft and smooth and great for sensitive/oily skin.
It's about 20$.
"Dermacol" and this brand may be hard to find at times but they have amazing oily skin powder
 it's about 10$ GREAT DEALS RIGHT!! Also "NEVIA" has cool powders((sorry don’t know the price)).

Foundation should be very mixable as well and you should not see the foundation ingredients spelt and you should not have to shake the bottle a lot before using it as well , "MaxFactor" has a whole punch of foundation take your favorite and the price ranges 20-100$ average ,"M.A.C"  also has many foundation with the same price range ,
"RIMMIL LONDON" alongside the foundation the "Dream Matt Moos Maybeline " is a great light foundation
 it's not very expansive 15-20$.

- Sunscreen:
girls I can't emphasize on how important to get an excellent sunscreen , no cheap 3$ stuff NO NO NO , all the make up in the world you can give up, but not the good and right sunscreen you need a good foundation for makeup and that’s your skin so take care of it, look for the right kind for your skin "Sephora" has great skin care and sun screen products 20-100$ depending on your skin needs you may need more than one product,  "Neutrogena" also has great sunscreen creams 15-20$ also there is "LOREAL PARIS" also has the

15-30$ price range .
- Makeup brushes:
now this is very important the right quality makeup brushes is as important as the 
makeup itself, the right make up brushes allows you to benefit from your make up the right way and unlikely to dissolve and start shedding bad stuff and contaminate your makeup .
Both "Sephora" and "MAC" have good affordable brushes.
"IMPORTANT" wash and clean you brushes every 2 weeks by placing them in a warm water and
some shower gel mixture for few minutes until u see them clean and then leave them to dry naturally on a towel , Don't rub or scrub them when you are cleaning them just softly move them in the mixture and softly separate the brushes hairs to get it well cleaned.

-Long wearing lipstick:
Like the rule says the longer it stays the more money you spend on it , 1-2$ lip gloss is ok it doesn't stay that long on your lips but long hour lipstick then you should chose the best of the best and there are some good brands that you can afford such as;"REVELON"24H its about 10$, "Bourjois" rouge edition velvet has great colors and around the same price , and so many others.

-Water- proof mascara:
Now this is a big deal because waterproof mascara stays longer on lashes and thir is a risk after frequently use of a bad waterproof mascara will heavily damage you lashes and cuze them to fall out !!
I will be giving more tips on the subject of make up on another article but for now just one tip try not to use waterproof mascara everyday .
And there are some good brands "MYBELLEN" the falsies and it's like 10$ gives you the false lashes effect and all the bran's mascaras are great , "Max Factor" has a great collection of mascaras price range20-40$ , and if you really want to go big "M.A.C"and "Yev San Laurent" "Clinique" are 
very great mascaras as well with a 30-100$price range .

A sequel will be published on the same topic but addressing ((clothes))