Denim: jeans for different types of bodies?

Sunday, April 26, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

You all know I love jeans and in a way I am obsessed with them. They are so great you can mix up with a lot of items and looks great with any looks. I feel like jeans are something must have in every girl's closet, but we can't just buy any kind of jeans. It has to suite your body type and you can probably relate to this one always picking 100 jeans that look amazing and then you try them on and not one looks great on you and you are already tired and can't be bothered to try on some more so you just give up and it always makes you upset buying new jeans. Well girls if you know what types of jeans suits your body type you won't have to deal with this anymore. Today I am giving you special advice on how to choose your perfect jeans by telling you what jeans types suit what body type so if you love jeans and you are tired of spending many many hours trying on jeans then keep reading because I know you are going to love this one:

Hourglass: If you body shape is fuller hips and breasts with smaller waist and we call this shape hourglass and you guys can fit in any jeans you probably won't have problem. But be sure to highlight your curves and you can do with either skinny jeans that we all love or boot-cut jeans that are on this picture.
Apple: if you are a bit curvy and torso and hips with little waist definition we call it apple. With this shape you have to be careful what you choose. You can wear boot-cut and straight jeans that work with almost any type of jeans, because they are a lot like skinny jeans just not so tight and that works with any body.
Pear: is known for narrower chest and wider hip. They tend to carry weight on hips, rear and legs. For this type of shape you need mid-rise balance style that will make your legs look better and taller. You should wear mid-rise jeans,boot-cut,straight or even boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are great because with them you can avoid an unflattering rear.

Tall: these are mostly athletic and toned bodies it is the best to get some curves in it to look even better. If you are tall you need to look like it as well you can do that with flared or boot-cut jeans that can help you create illusion of curves.

 Petite: a bit curvy but not too much very slim type. The best way to rock this body shape is with pair of skinny jeans or cigarette as well skinny jeans they will perfectly highlight your legs and all the smallest parts of your legs. 

Strawberry: these are known for larger breasts and narrower hips and with that you need to highlight your legs and your hips as well. The best way to that is with pair of great skinny jeans, cigarette, even boot-cut and straight jeans because it create curves and makes you legs taller and better.

Boy figure: if you have bust for this type of shape you will need something less tight so your legs don't seem too big and you also seem to heavy when you are not. Great mid-rise, flared or even high-waisted jeans would be great. High-waisted jeans makes your legs look taller and that means also skinnier. You would look amazing in it.

So wow that was interesting wasn't it? I just think that makes everyone's live much more easier. And as you can see you can mix up with you shape couple of jeans and you now know why they are the best for your. Talking about jeans didn't you noticed how trendy ripped jeans are you know those ripped on both sides of your knees I am so in love with those and I found the perfect once in bershka make sure to check them out they have great ripped jeans for any body type and trust me it is quiet trendy this season. Hope you enjoyed reading about jeans and I will be writing something more great soon