Kayla Workout Program Friday Weeks 5&7

Friday, April 03, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

So it is the time of week when we got to do abs and cardio workout. As you noticed if you were following the Kayla workouts this week it got a bit harder, but I find these workouts fun and they are very effective. Love how in your pain you can actually have fun and love working out and nothing is better than feeling after workout. Feeling so good for doing something to be in shape and in the way it isn't something you need to do it is more something you just do it, because you love it. Don't you feel this way? When I begun this program I did feel like it was something I had to do, but now I feel I am doing something I really love. Slowly it becomes your hobby and something you love to do and also kind of part of your life and not a thing that gives you pain and something you must do. Here I give you Friday's exercises:

Circuit 1:
50 or 25 each side mountain climbers
15 weighted bent leg jackknifes
3 minutes skipping
15 straight leg jackknifes
after 7 minutes break
Circuit 2:
15 burpees
30 or 15 each side raised leg sit ups with twist
40 or 20 each side ab bikes
15 leg raises

Here is explanation to the exercises: 

 Mountain climber: more explanation here

Weighted bent leg jackknifes: more explanation here

Skipping: more explanation here

Straight leg jackknifes: more explanation here

Burpees: more explanation here

Raised leg sit ups with twist: this is a lot like normal sit ups with twist the only difference is that you have to either bent your knees and raise them or our put your legs on bench straight and then put your hands behind your head and go forward with your head into sit up position one side till you can touch bench with your hands and you this exercises on one side then other.

Ab bikes: more explanation here

Leg raises: more explanation here

This was the Friday workout for weeks 5 and 7. You noticed that it got harder but just enjoy it take break when you can and relax and don't forget to drink water and just have fun. Come back on Monday because on Monday the new workout comes out make sure to check it out.  Do this great exercise and then you can have little fun on weekend.


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