Outfits ideas for "Coachella" aka music festivals

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Yeahh it is coachella time :) We are all happy about it, we all get so excited about coachella we get to have some great time with our friends and enjoy music festivals and have little parties and enjoy. I feel on coachella you have really relax and have great time and be a bit different. I mean the way we dress on coachella we don't dress like that when we go out with our friends and I like that about it you can empress your free spirit side and we wildly dressed with a lot of colours and great accessories. On coachella it is kind of free spirit kind of style and you have to dress this way as well, but not everyone knows what that means and how to dress this way so I thought why not do fun article about outfits ideas for coachella. I hope you guys enjoy this article and can give you little inspiration for coachella:

1. Denim overall: denim overall is so coachella it streams free spirit and would look great with some colourful accessories. You can also wear other overalls, overalls in some bright colours like pink, green or any other is so coachella look
2. Headbands: a lot of girls wear these colourful headbands with some cute flowers. It was hit was last view years at coachella
3. Sandals with fringe: you can't go wrong with anything with fringe at coachella that just says very hype and kind of free people look. It looks great with shorts or dresses and then mix it up with little accessories
4. Scallop edging top bikini: these kind of bikinis are in now, and is perfect for coachella those bikinis who have bright tops and with some bright colours like orange
5. Begs with fringe: I already said that fringe is so coachella and so is beg with fringe you need some kind of beg for coachella and the perfect beg would be with fringe or some fringe details
6. Colourful neckless: for coachella it is great to wear some kind of jewellery in a lot of colours that it looks bright like rest of your outfit
7. Mirrored sunglasses: those new dior sunglasses (aviator mirroed) should be big hit on coachella 
and all these crazy and cat eye sunglasses and of course all those colourful sunglasses to edge up your crazy outfits
8. All kind of dresses: you can wear from mini dress till white maxi dress with interesting prints like some flowers or also something else. Don't be afraid you wear some crazy dress with a lot of colours because that is so coachella
9. Denim shorts: denim shorts are great for coachella high wested ripped denim shorts also shorts with fringe or lace also look great and casual shorts as well. You can also get denim shorts with some great prints or any kind of shorts

As you see you can get as crazy as you want with your outfit for coachella just be free spirited and  wear what you like the best. Doesn't matter if that is some crazy dress or just some simple denim overall and mix up as much colours as you can. Have fun and put some fun accessories with it. This is one time when you can mix up any colour you want.  Girls just have fun putting some great outfits together and just be hype. Who doesn't love to be this way even if it is for only couple of days. Have fun at coachella and we might see you there.


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