Boyfriend jeans: Outfit ideas

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Boyfriend jeans have been trendy for view years, but lately I have noticed that a lot of women have been wearing them. They are quiet casual, but you can totally put together some elegant items and your outfit would look very elegant. I love them because anything I put together with them will look amazing, it looks so stylish even thought I am just wearing some basic top with them, but that is great about them and also remember if you didn't know this yet for outfit to be stylish it doesn't need too many details and too many colours, you just have to put together items that suit perfectly together. Anyways as I said I love putting outfit together with these boyfriend jeans so I thought why not show you couple of ideas how you can wear them and look amazing and stylish and also this article couple be great inspiration for you so let's get started:

So this is for people who don't know what boyfriend jeans are, but I think most of you know what boyfriend jeans are kind of wide jeans thought now they make also tight once as well but they are not tight like skinny jeans and now this ripped boyfriend jeans are trendy

One of the better ways to wear this jeans is with some high heels not thought too high like for example pumps would not suit good with boyfriend jeans and also you can roll them a bit up like on this pictures it will totally look cute with high heel sandals 

Blazer is great way to wear your boyfriend jeans with some basic top that you can tuck it in the jeans or also some oversized top would also look great. If the blazer is more elegant like this one on picture I would go with some high heels because high heels are more elegant or you can also wear some elegant boots but don't wear like allstarts or any sneakers that are more casual, but if you blazer is more casual then totally wear with allstarts or any sneakers, and if you feel like you can also add some accessories to the outfit, but also without accessories would look great

Crop top is another great way to wear boyfriend jeans. This way you can totally do so much with your outfit from casual outfit with boyfriend jeans and trop cop and some sneakers like airmax or allstarts with some pullover and also high heels with also work with this one  or if you want to go in more elegant way then wear your boyfriend jeans and crop top with pair of high heels or some elegant shoes like boots and clutch would look great with it

 Shirt like this one more elegant or also denim and more casual suits great with boyfriend jeans. It looks great when you wear some shirt with boyfriend jeans and then tuck it in jeans either full or just tuck it up a bit and then you can decide if you want to wear high heels with it or sneakers I think with either elegant or casual shirt sneakers and high heels work. I love wearing boyfriend jeans with shirt it really highlights their best features

Generally I love wearing leather jacket it is great way to show off your punk side, but also great way to wear boyfriend jeans. It looks great with them it is mix between punk and casual style. You can wear boyfriend jeans with leather jacket and then some high heels in summer totally cute with some high heels sandals and your favourite handbag and also you might want to roll up your jeans not too much but just a bit and also flats would go with leather jacket pretty great. You don't have to wear only leather jacket you can wear denim jacket that also looks great or any other jacket even coat would look great

Don't you love these cute sweaters that are so comfy. This is another idea how you can wear boyfriend jeans with some cute sweaters is it more springy sweater or winter it doesn't matter. With this weather you it suits more casual looks like you should wear boyfriend jeans and this sweater with flats or any sneakers and some everyday handbag that you usually wear on casual day, because sweater is more casual thing, but it depends how you put your outfit and  if you want to be more elegant then add shirt under sweater and some high heels and then it will be more elegant

What is your favourite thing about bf jeans? How do you wear your bf jeans? I love that you can mix different styles still look amazing and you can do so much with them? Basically how you put together other items with your bf jeans will depend on how your outfit looks like, like I said if you go with high heels it will be more elegant but it doesn't have to mean it, if you wear for example sweater with it, it will be more casual. Just have fun putting together outfit and see what you like the most. I hope I gave you little inspiration and let me know if you liked this article and if you would like to read more inspirational articles

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