Clothes with flowers print to wear this summer

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Nothing is more girly than clothing items with flowers prints, even thought that item may not be that girly flowers are quiet girly and that makes it all the difference. We girls love wearing these clothing items with flowers prints they are super fun to mix it up and it screams summer and spring. It is typical spring and summer wear. Because we all love flowers prints I thought why not write an article about it. Today I'll show you some great pieces with flowers prints that you can wear this spring and summer. I can almost say these pieces are essentials, but it really depends on your style and what you got in your closet. If you have just view items with flowers prints that I would say it don't need that much maybe one piece from this list, but if you are huge flowers prints lover like I am you can for sure get all of them, because they are great pieces and good to have in your huge flowers print collection.

Ditsy floral cami dress: this floral dress is great for summer time or even for spring. I love this colours on this one yellow and blue great combo and I like these kind of lace lines and it is very girly dress and I am absolutely in love with it. You can wear with some leather sandals and you can get it at Forever21 for 21 dollars

 Holiday crop navy floral top: how girly does this looks? Such a great crop top for girly look with these flowers and I love that it is crop top and with stripes it makes it even better. This crop top would look amazing with some maxi skirt or denim shorts it can be for more elegant and also casual looks and you can get at Beginningboutique for 45 dollars

Camilie shorts: purple on white isn't that just such an amazing combo? I adore this one, very simple shorts with little flowers this is so adorable and I like that this shorts is a bit wide. You can wear this cute piece with some crop top or some normal basic tops and maybe also with some clutch and it is definitely for more elegant look. You can get this cuteness at Whitefoxboutique for 30 dollars  

Printed mini skirt: here we have more elegant floral skirt, but totally cute as well. I think with this skirt elegant looks suit more, but you can also mix things up and try a bit more casual with some sandals and for example crop top in some simple colour. You can get this beauty at Zara for 50 dollars a bit pricy but totally worth it

 Long floral kimono: now we are moving on to kimonos one of my favourite clothing pieces, kimonos they are always good to have and you can mix them with anything. This floral is simple with flowers on white colour I find it quiet great and I like the length of it it is longer so that is even better with longer kimono you can hide the spots of your body you don't like. Anyways you can wear like on this picture some pants or also denim shorts and crop top so good and so many looks also skirt, just stay simple because you already have colours on your kimono. You can get this beauty at Bershka for 20 dollars

Passion flowers print platform sandals: and now we come to shoes, flowers print shoes are super cute and you will look adorable in them. With this once you can wear some skater skirt and crop top or some super cute maxi dress and you got so many options with these beauties and these platforms are super comfy so you can wear them the whole day it doesn't matter if you are super busy working or at school these will be comfy and you will look so cute in them. You can get them at Lulus for 30 dollars

Floral chiffon cami: cami tops are super ladylike and great to wear in hot summer days. I love how they put together these colours and made such a great cami. You can wear this cami with some skinny jeans or denim shorts or mini skirt. You can make this top either elegant or casual and you can get it at Forever21 for 10 dollars

Floral long dress: long dress can make up look taller and maybe even skinnier. I love that they made it tight up and then down wide and the prints are so cute with these nice colours pink and blue I love it. You can totally wear this dress with some high heels or sandals whatever you are up to and it is more evening dress, but you can also wear it during the day and is perfect for summer time.

We saw some of great pieces and they will be really great for the summer so make sure to get them to look super cute this summer. I talked about these pieces because they mostly caught my eye or I already own some of these pieces. I wanted to show you pieces I would also like to wear and something I really into to. I think even people who don't love flowers would wear these pieces they are so unique and great for summer and warm weather. These are just view pieces we can also do another part of this article let me know if you want another part.

A lot of hugs and kisses