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Now it's graduation time around this time all graduations happen and we need to make these graduation parties and they can't just be like normal parties we need to remember them so we need to make them really unique so that also means decorations. For today I thought why not do DIY for graduation party decorations and these DIY are always super fun because you can make great stuff for low budget. I'll show you unique decorations that will make your party unforgettable and for low budget because I suppose you get low budget from your school for graduation party. We usually don't do these kind of articles I mean about decorations and stuff like these but I just thought it would be fun. If you would like us to do more DIY article but for fashion let us know like DIY tops

Candy bar: everyone loves candy and they are cheap and candy look great because of their many colours and in the way quiet unique. Get some cool bowls and punch of candies from different types of candies and put in these bowls and it will look amazing and people are going to love it

Wishes: cool way for people to write their wishes is buy some cool bowl and maybe get some cool graduation stickers and glue it to the bowl so it looks nice or you can also get any stickers or maybe it your self as well. You can also buy bowl for everyone and then people can write notes and wishes to that person and you can write their name on the bowl or their picture that is also great way to have some nice memories 

Graduation cap muffins: these graduation muffins are super cute and totally easy to make. You just need little muffins cups and then you make your favourite muffins it doesn't matter if it is with chocolate or some fruits then turn the muffins upside down and put it on lollipop stick and then up you put a square slide of chocolate and then on top you can put for example smarties but you also don't have to if you want to keep it simple you don't have to put anything on top 

Ice cream bar: everyone loves ice cream and you can make it super cute and put some topping like smarties, different topping chocolate,caramel and different fruits if someone feels like being more healthy and you can organise these cute cups for ice cream and if you don't have huge budget you can also make ice cream yourself and these topping you can also make yourself and fruits and candies they are not that expensive and get some cute bowls 

Graduation cap straws: these graduation straws are super cute and people are going to adore them and it captures the meaning of the party and they will look amazing in any drink and the question is how to make it without spending too much money well let me tell you when I was making this one it was the easiest thing I ever made. You take any paper if you want you can take these in colour like I did cut it little square piece I did ever side 4 cm and then cut rectangle piece I cut rectangle length of 8 cm and wide 1 cm and then I clue these tow pieces together but before you do that take a straw and take anything sharp and make hole in middle of the square and then after you clue these rectangle with square and on the end put that to the straw and there you go you got great decoration for your graduation party and looks super cute with any drink

Picture on ballons: nothing captures moments better than pictures so that is the best way to have on your graduation party. Either take some photos on your graduation or take from everyone baby pictures or on first school day pictures and this way it is interesting for people to see how they looked like before. This way people can be reminded of some great moments and how you can make these even more special is take balloons and put some strip to ballon and on the end of the strip clue a photo and then it will also be great decoration for party because balloons you can put it on wall and it look great. 

Graduation banners and flags: these flags and banners are super cute and great way to decorate your graduation party. These are super practical you can put them in food or drinks even make like name banners. These are super easy to make I took straws because I didn't have anything else but you can also make with lollipop sticks and you can either take some colourful paper and write something down and then clue it to straw or lollipop stick or you can print some banners you have so many banners on internet or you can make something yourself in world or photoshop and also print out and it will look great I also found some great banners on internet and here are links to it: and and they look so cute you can write your names so everyone knows what belongs to them and just put it in food and it will look so adorable 

Customised bowl: this is great way to put some goodies in one place this customised bowl it is super fun way and you can make it super cute. I just took coloured paper and cute a pice of it and scrolled it and clue it together and then I cut circle and clue it down but you can also do it with carton this way it is stronger and can hold more stuff. The next thing I did is took another paper and cut the letter K and clue it to this bowl you can also print stuff out logo of your school the names of people and other stuff whatever you think looks great another fun way is print punch of stuff and let people choose what to put on bowl this way they have great bowl they can use

Polaroid photo booth: polaroids are great photos and everyone loves them but they are quiet expensive and on graduation we take a lot of photos so cheaper way to make these photos is make your own polaroid frame like this one take some strong paper and it depends how long you want your photos to be and just cut the paper on left, right and up the same and down a bit more wider because this is how polaroid looks like and you can also write something down if you want and put some stickers and then hang it in front of wall and then you'll need some camera to take photos and there you go you'll have great photos and will be also great decoration on your party 

Photos hanger: I already showed you cool way how to hang photos to balloons but if you don't feel like having balloons on your party or not too many this way is also quiet great to put up photos on your party. You'll just need some stripe and then just hang it on the wall or clue it, doesn't matter whatever you like more and then you can  take photos are hang it to these stripe and it will be great way for people to see that photos 

Beverages stand: fun way for people to get drinks is this beverages stand where they can get drink them self and also what you can do is put different beverages and people can make their own drinks like cocktails you can put ideas how to make these drinks and they can try it out this is fun way for them to be entertained 

Hanging flags: if you ever went to any graduation you probably saw these hanging flags they are great decoration for your graduation party and they are quiet easy to make. You only need some strip a paper and you then need to cut piece of paper in triangle and then you can clue some stickers or write something down you can also print these flags from internet if you don't feel like make your own you also also write something in word and print that and when you are happy with your flags you can to cut holes in right and left side of the flag and then put stripe in these holes and then you can hang it on wall or on window and there you go you got great decoration that will look great and as you see my flags are not the same you can also do that but you can also do the same size when you have cut the first one draw it on paper and then it will be the same size or just download template from internet 

There are so many fun and great decorations for graduation don't you think so, and as you can see they don't have to be expensive if you do it yourself and they look amazing. I didn't make every decoration in this article but most I did and I had so much fun and it came quiet handy because I also have graduation party coming up and now I know how to make these stuff. What did you list the most? I loved the candy bar and also the graduation cap straw so cute and now I am actually using to drink my drinks and it is so easy to make. If you enjoyed this article let us know so we can write more articles like this one. I wish all of you who are graduation good luck in future and have fun on your party you deserve it 

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Drew Watts said...

Oh wow! Those Graduation cap muffins are looking outstanding!! Our graduation party will be held at one of domestic party places Miami. I would love to suggest an idea of these cute muffins for this party.

benilhalk said...

You rocked this Graduation party with these DIY d├ęcor ideas! That Polaroid photo booth and beverages stand is amazing. I just downloaded some of these photographs to use in my birthday party that I want to host at the most popular party venues Houston TX.