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Girly style is style that really shows feminine side of you and that means wearing pink, dressing in skirts, dresses and basically everything that characterise female. Because someone is a girl doesn't mean that they have girly style for example I don't have it, I mean I have some details in my style that are girly but my style is not girly. For your style to be girly you need everything from head to toe and there might be some of you who would like to have girly style, because they find it amazing or they want to reinvent themselves and want to be more feminine and more lady like it doesn't matter what reason you have to want girly style my guide will help you be totally girly and looking and feeling very feminine. And guys we already this kind of article about retro style so if you are interested in that make sure to check it out the link will be at the end of the article and let me know how you like this kind of articles and if you want more of those and now let's get started:

Pearl jewerly: pearls are classic and elegant and that is perfect fit for your girly wardrobe and it high lights your girly side really classic things. Pearls are definitely must have for girly style

Headbands: for girly style normal headbands will not do it, you will need headbands with bow or any special details or colourful headbands, because headbands like are female like 
Mary jane heels: these mary jane are kind like pumps but more round and more elegant. There are with bows, pink also black goes as well and you can wear them at anytime with some cute dress or anything from your girly clothes

Sweater: like in any style girly style also needs some sweaters they fit great with anything and it is quiet practical as well. Girly sweaters are pink or any girly colours also white in considered girly colour and with some cute details like lace or just like on this photo some nice details and you can wear it for everyday outfit with some cute skirt

Opaque tights: these colourful tights are very girly, because they are colourful and very happy colours. They can be blue, pink, yellow, green, red or any colour and it looks great with some girly skirt or even some elegant one coloured dress

Blazer: another important item for girly style is blazer, blazers in colours or some cute girly details like flowers or something cute or even just little lines that is very girly. 
Blouse: blouses are great because you can wear them with simplest looks and it will look so interesting. Girly blouses are with nice pink or white colours also pastel colours and with some cute details like bow or some lines even lace and just looking very elegant and girly 

Skirt: skirts are great to add to your girly wardrobe you can't go wrong with skirts when it comes to girly style. Girls who dress in girly style love wearing their little skirts. Those skirts are quiet special with some interesting prints like flowers and they have quiet details like lace and they are quiet simple but in their own way very unique

Ballet flats: these ballet flats scream girly and they are typical for girly style if nothing else get yourself ballet flats for girly style. Go crazy with these flats with any colours from blue to pink with different prints dots and also flats with bows and different kind of flats anything works and they are also quiet cheap so you can get view of them

Pants: colourful pants are girly style and because others items are also quiet colourful this once also had to be. These days they are so many colours of pants and you can choose any try choosing some happy colours like blue or green or any nice colour and you can totally wear them with your girly blouse

Belt: these skinny belts are very elegant and also very girly style. It looks great with some skirt or even these colourful pants. You can get from belts with bow like on picture to some crazy tiger print belts and many different belts 

I feel like girly style is quiet elegant kind of style, but also very edgy style because of all the colours. I love that girly style needs bright and happy colours it makes it so adorable and I love all these little details that make it so much more cuter like lace or flower prints and these re so typical for girly style. How do you describe your style? Do you like girly style? How do you see girly style? I hope you enjoyed this article and had fun reading it. 



Artdicted 2 said...

Love this bow belt! I really enjoy wearing balzers and dresses, I think my style is really feminine. I don't have many pink items in my wardrobe, I'm more a blue girl (:
Nati xx