Hot pink

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It's almost summer time and we all love wearing hot pink in the summer, it is such an amazing colour for summer isn't it? It looks so amazing with your summer clothes and it highlights your tan and make it even more than it is. It is such a happy colour and it looks good on anyone with anything and even if outfit it nothing special it will make it special because colour is so special. So I thought why not put view hot pink summer things together that it will be nice to wear and make you look so good this summer.

1. Crop top: this top is super cute and it is great way to wear some of your hotpants with it or maybe if you going to the dinner some leather pants with cute high heels to look super stylish and elegant  or also skater skirt would also look amazing with it. This top would be really great for the summer I just love the colour of the top and the cut of the top as well it is not totally crop top and they made it so elegant and I am so obsessed with it. This top is called AQ AQ Even Top and you can get it at Asos

2. Sunglasses: rayban always to managed to make great sunglasses and they made this amazing hot pink sunglasses that will look great with any outfit, it is funny to think that just one pair of sunglasses can make it difference but it really does and especially in colour like hot pink. Even if you are wearing some boring dress when you put this on your outfit will look so interesting, I think with these sunglasses you should go more for one coloured outfit you can also go crazy but what I am trying to say is that because the colour is so special your outfit look amazing either way. They are called Avitor Flash Lenses and you can get it at Rayban and you can not only get in this colour there is also green, blue, purple and more

3. Dress: another great way to wear in stylish way hot pink in the summer is this super cute hot pink dress. This way hot pink will be in centre of your outfit it will make your outfit pop and you can wear this super cute dress in casual way with some boots or sneakers and maybe go with leather jacket if you want your outfit to be less girly and more punk and if you want to be more girly and elegant go with some cute clutch and some high heels or sandals and remember because it a dress and it is already huge part of your outfit don't add more items in colour hot pink it would be too much. This dress is called Textured A-Line Dress and you can get it at Forever21

Nailpolish: nail polish it also quiet important to our outfit and the colour you have on your nails does depends on your outfit and also your outfit depends on what colour you are wearing and we might think it's not important but it is important and I would say in summer nail polish is essential and as you see I find you great colour to pop up your outfit and show off your tan even better with this hot pink colour nail polish your tan will look great and your summer outfits will look great and this nail polish will high light the best parts of your outfit. This nail polish is called Koala Bear-Y and you can get it at OPI 

Lipstick: not only are our nails important for our outfit but also makeup and lips as well. We usually don't put too much makeup during the summer, because it's hot and it will just get ruined, but lipstick is great way to wear some makeup in the summer without getting ruined and what is better than lipstick that really pops up your lips. Wearing this hot pink lipstick will make you look so great and very fresh you wear it during the day and also at the night. This lipstick is called Girl about the town and you can get it at Maccosmetics

Hotpants: we all love wearing hotpants in the summer they are so comfy and they look great with anything. I find you my lovelies amazing hotpink hotpants that you can wear when you can with your friends to the beach or just go the lunch or anywhere. This hotpants are are more for casual looks you can wear it with some basic top or crop top also great and some sandals or sneakers anything goes and is great way to make the best of the summer. I love how interesting they are and a bit hipster like but yet still girly and all the studs and I like that they ripped them to look messy. This hotpants are called 902 kiss and you can get it at runwaydreamz 

High heels: how great are these high heels and they look so stylish. These high heels don't just look great you can mix them up with anything from leather pants to some cute girly skirt and dress. These shoes you should wear with elegant looks and when you are going somewhere special. Great way to wear them is with leather pants and some cute clutch also can be in hot pink or with some dress. I love how these shoes are designed and the hight of it is great and they look so elegant which I love and also colour is amazing. These are called Pigalle Follies and they are from Christianlouboutin

Clutch: we love clutches because they are so practical and you can wear it anywhere and they fit great with any outfit. This clutch doesn't only have great colour and will look great with your summer outfits, but it is totally in this summer so it is basically must have and all the girls love it. This clutch you can mix up with elegant looks like some leather pants and nice shirt or maybe more casual look with some skirt and crop top it works with anything. This clutch is called classic monogram clutch from Ysl

After wiring this article I am so excited about the summer and I can't wait to wear hot pink it is very special colour and everyone should just go crazy with it. So I hope you found some interesting stuff for the summer I tried to cover everything from clothes to beauty and remember just have fun and enjoy yourself.

Kisses and hugs