Kayla Workout Program Friday Weeks 9&11

Friday, May 01, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 1 Comments

So it's Friday that only means one it's workout day and it's abs workout day yeahh let me hear your excitement are you looking forward to it? Of course you are so it is quiet great workout trust me you are so going to enjoy it and if you want you can send me your progress I am happy to see your result and if you need any guidance just write us on email or any social media or even on comment below. Let's workout

Circuit 1:
20 leg raises with hips raise
20 straight leg jackknife
50 or 25 each side mountain climbers
20 ab bikes
break after 7 minutes
Circuit 2:
30 or 15 each side bench hops
20 weighted bent leg jackknife
20 leg raises on bench
30 or 15 each side raised leg sit ups with twist


 Leg raises with hip raise: more explanation here

Straight leg jackknife: more explanation here

Mountain climbers: more explanation here

Ab bikes: more explanation here

Bench hops: Position yourself on the left side of the bench, placing your hands flat on the top of a flat bench your fingers facing outwards. Transfer your weight from your legs to both your hands and abdominal muscles and quickly jump your feet up and over the bench, landing on the right side. Immediately jump back over to the left of the bench and repeat 

Weighted bent leg jackknifes: more explanation here

Leg raises on bench: more explanation here

Raised leg sit ups with twist: more explanation here

That was it like I said it would be fun wasn't it. Such a great feeling after working out also don't forget to do HIIT and LIIS workouts but they are easy put some great music and just do it so as I said I made a playlist for you guys when you are working out check it out here

P.S check out our Youtube Channel for some fun videos we are called nakedlydressed our latest video is here it's about facts about latinos quiet funny check it out 

Kisses and hugs



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