Trendy high heels

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 1 Comments

I am not sure about you, but I know I love to wear high heels and I think most of fashionistas love to wear them too. You always look amazing in them and they are something that make every girly feel so special that we can't even describe why that is, but you have unique feeling with them. At the moment I have been loving couple of high heels and they are trendy at the moment meaning they in and you can't go wrong wearing them. So I thought why not share them with you and show you what is trendy at the moment.

Ankle strap high heels: these ankle strap heels are my fav in the spring and summer I love them because they are very girly like and they very stylish with any outfit. I would wear them with some skinny jeans or leather pants and some simple top and jacket and this way it can be elegant but also casual it depends what kind of pants you wear and also tops and jackets you wear you want to go more girly totally wear some cute skirt with some cute jacket or even dress would be great and also with these you can totally wear boyfriend jeans the ripped once are now very in.

Wedge heels sandals: great way to wear your spring and summer outfits is with these wedge heels that are not only trendy at the moment but they are also quiet comfy so you won't die from the pain if you are not used to wearing heels. I love these because the way are designed is unique and makes even boring outfits look special. You could wear them with some fun ripped jeans and some cute floral top for example or just some simple top as well or if you are feeling up for it you can wear with some skirt or shorts it also looks you and then put some cute top and maybe some denim jacket and there you go

Pointed toe high heels: these heels have been trendy for view years now and I have been loving wearing them they are so simple and elegant. With these heels you have so many options I love wearing them with some ripped denim jeans and I also like to pull them a bit so I can high light my toes a bit and then if I want to go with more casual look I would just put some basic top on and either denim or leather jacket or I wear them with skater dress that are up tight and down wide and I would also wear clutch with it, with these it looks so girly and elegant and you don't need to put too much details to this outfit and also another great outfit idea is simple skirt and denim shirt with it or even pants with denim shirt 

Suede high heels: these suede high heels are totally in at the moment the suede is this kind of material or I guess you can get any high heels in this material. I love these because this material makes them so unique and elegant. Mostly I love these suede high heels with pointed toe because the form of these are already quiet elegant and with suede material it makes them super elegant and I feel like these pointed toe heels high light the best features of your feet. Basically you can wear anything with these suede heels but because they are quiet elegant you should go for more elegant looks like for example leather pants little pull up if it is warm weather some cute top or blouse would also look nice and then clutch or any handbag would work and then add some nice neckless to it

Studded high heels: these sueded heels are not only trendy but it gives your style little edge and sometimes style need it. These are great way to wear with your punk leather jacket that you are dying to wear. I love them because these studd makes them little edgy and gives you chance to show different side of you. With these studded heels you can wear so much, but because they are studd and are in punk style you should wear with some punk details like your leather jacket. Great way to mix up these with casual look is to wear some denim pants, some cute top with your leather jacket and then put some colour into your outfit with some cute coloured handbag this way you want be too dark and punky

Strappy high heels with pointed toe: these strappy heels are great for summer. I love them because they are quiet girly but it these little studd details give it little edge to look amazing. These fun and trendy high heels you can wear with some shorts and blouse to have more elegant look or if you want to go with more casual look go with some denim pants and basic top with some fun accessories

Platform high heels: these heels were originally made by steve madden and girls all over the world have been loving them and they are so unique and also great for everyday look as well as for night out look. I love them because they look great with just simple looks and they are so unique the way they look and quiet girly and edgy in the same time. With this once you have so many options from denim pants and just simple shirt to some summer floral dress with some cute denim vest and just what you usually wear the uniqueness of these shoes gives you chance to wear them with weather you want even the craziest looks go with these heels

These are some great heels to wear this summer. I think every one of these are so unique and special in their own way. You can mix them up with so many outfits. What shoes do you wear in the summer? Which one do you like the best? How do you wear your high heels?