why work out

Thursday, May 28, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

so today's subject is something i get asked a lot "why do you work out your not fat", and the thing that

bothers me because working out is linked to fat people WHY?
the fact is there are over a 1000000 different rezones to work out that has nothing to do with wight or losing fat:
1- better body frame :
have you ever wondered why models can wear anything tight and look flawless in it , its not because they are thin at all , a thin figure with out some muscle mass is a stick all models have a muscle mass to keep the frame of their body's in the right place and for the clothes to look great so you want a hot frame get up and work out.
2- better skin:
yes better glowing skin is one of the berks of working out , because more blood is going throw your body and face and that makes you have a natural glow , working out on a regular bases also keeps your hormonal levels in check so you skin dosent brake out as much , working out makes your skin softer actually and you hole body skin firm and dosent sag with age so you look younger and younger and more fresh .
3-better hair /nails :
yes more blood flow cases growth and health to all the body and your hair and skin will defiantly get a part of that healthy look.
4- better period :
working out helps a lot with period and PMS the more muscle mass you have you will find that your period takes less days than it used to be with less pain.
5-better sex life:
the more active you are the more likely you will have an even more active sex life because you look better feel more confidant and all the blood flow causes hormones to be in the right place, and women that work out more have more orgasms come on is there a better rezone to work out.
6-a better mood:
more work out means more Indorfen Indorfen is our best friend because it lowers stress and makes you happy .
now really people get up and work out and be happy.