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Do you know this feeling when you walking around the shopping street or scrolling around the internet and some pretty online shops and then you see these perfect shoes and you can't get them out of you head? Can you relate to this? I call this shoes "shoes crushes" and the reason I call them shoes crushes is because these shoes are not just any shoes these are from high end brands shoes, because we all fall in love with those shoes and you know I am right  and that means very expensive. I don't know about you but I am still a student and I don't earn that much and I can't afford those shoes or if I would buy them I would have to waste my whole salary on that, but girl can dream right? And this is the same thing with your crush this is some boy or girl at school you so badly want but they kind of don't want you or you are afraid to ask so there is no connection and this is how is with me and these beautiful shoes. But because these shoes are so expensive people are smart and have made knock offs the cheaper versions of these shoes some are good versions and some are bad. I am going to share with my beautiful readers these three shoes crushes at the moment and how you can wear them and where you can get them for less money.

Valentino: these are one of the latest Valentino's shoes and they are high heeled sandals with these little studd that makes them very trendy and also elegant. I love how simple they are and very classy. I love these strapy sandals so that is why I got obsessed with them and just how simple they are I love simple shoes with just view details that makes them so much better. These will be totally in this summer you can wear them to some elegant events,dinner and when you are going out. I would wear them with some leather trousers with some crop top or just some simple top with some clutch and then you could also add some accessories with it and you got great summer look. I have seen similar shoes like these at Aldo shoes and also asos and forever21 though without these studd but you can buy studd and put them on shoes and you can buy studd at any DIY store

 Christian louboutin: these are typical CL heels they have them in many colours but my favourite are these black, because they will go with anything and I kind of love this colour. I love that they are shinny and just so simple a bit more higher and these pointed toe which makes your legs skinnier and of course who doesn't want their heels skinnier and that is why I got obsessed with them. These are great for everyday look is it work,school or hangout with your friends even if you are doing something in the evening these are kind of for anything good. These amazing shoes you can wear for example with mid dress that is up a bit tight and then under more loose and put maybe some colours on because you don't want your outfit to be too dark and with that you can either have clutch or some small handbag and you got great summer look for during the day but also goes in the evening as well. I think you can get these at Zara because their image is kind of classy, ladylike and this shoes are kind of like that

Jimmy choo: we all know nobody makes more awesome shoes like our dearest Jimmy Choo am I right? I have loved their shoes for a long time and time to time I think about buying a pair I mean Jimmy Choo is expensive but it is affordable kind of expensive but whenever I look to buy their shoes I get lost because I love all of their shoes, but these shoes really caught my eye. Look at this colour does it get any better? I loved that is pointed toe heels and I am obsessed with these heels they make your legs look better and then the colour this blue metallic. But don't worry you can get these beauty for cheaper though I am thinking of buying this one for real I kind of deserved it finished school and all of that but you can get for sure these at TopShop they have also shoes in these metallic crazy colours and they have many pointed toe heels I think I have seen there. You can wear these beauties with some nice skirt and crop top and some shoulder bag or with some elegant trousers as well and be free to put some nice accessories on

I am sure by now you are also getting crazy about amazing shoes, even though they are so simple they look so amazing and I wouldn't ask for anything else, but for now all of these for at least for me will stay my shoes crushes and I will have to get over them for a while and put them in one special box. Special shoes can make any girl feel special and good about herself but of course when we can't have it we can buy cheaper version and keep it tight till we get this shoe crush because who says crushes stay crushes then might turn into love of our lives we just need to work hard on it and we will get it. Dreams do come true and I know mine will and especially when I have such amazing readers who are supporting me and always being amazing and reading our articles because of you my dreams will come true and I wanted to say thank you and that you are amazing and all of us nakedlydressed girls love you and because of you we can do what we love. Thank you so much for all of your support and we love 

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