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Saturday, June 27, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

This week I came to my home town Belgrade in Serbia to just relax a bit and enjoy the sun because here we have quiet a summer not like in Switzerland and next week I'll be going to Croatia to enjoy the sea and get some tan and later in July I will do some more of traveling and of course I will keep you updated if you want to follow my travel just follow me on snapchat which is ka_93. As I was saying how here in Belgrade it is sunny and nice today we went to lake here in Belgrade called "Ada" and it was very nice we had some nice ice cream and after coffee hang out a bit on sun. So for this beautiful day I decided to wear something girly and here is what I wore

 Blue sunglasses from Rayban | Black jacket from Manor | Tank top from Bershka | Watch from MicheaelKors | Ring from Choies | Daisy necklace from Six | Blue skirt from Pullandbear | Fringe handbag from H&M | All stars from Converse 

This outfit is quiet girly but in casual way, because of all starts and tank top it is nothing too fancy. I was actually going to wear my red shirt my then I tried this one and it looked great so I decided to wear this one and then I put this jacket on because at first it was chilly outside but it got hotter. Because I had my favourite blue skirt one I had to wear my blue sunglasses as well and with nice sunglasses the nice bag comes too and I thought this fringe is so summer and I kind of love to wear this one and I knew we were going to walk I put my all starts because they are so comfy and at the end I had to put some more accessories and that was my watch of course need my watch all the time some nice rings and daisy necklace it is so summer like and very girly look. With this look I was going with let's be girly and cute but also casual not too much because I am just going to lake it is very simple combo blue and black great colours that look good together people say black and blue doesn't go but it sure does I love this outfit. I like wearing this blue skirt it looks always so girly but if I was going to something more fancy I would probably put some flats on or even some nice heels. Talking about fashion make sure to check out great clothing brands Born poor live rich and Fash Fleek click on right side of this article where you will find from Born poor live rich the logo and then from Fash Fleek the picture with beautiful pink dress they got some great pieces from great prices 

Hope you liked this one and let us know if you want more of these check us out on for more looks

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