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In most of parts on the earth summer are pretty hot and heated so it is always good to wear something light and comfy so you can survive this weather. There is one clothing piece that is comfy and light and it is that overall and not does it help you survive hot weather, but you will also look stylish in it and just by adding some simple accessories your outfit will look amazing. Nowadays there are so many overall from just casual light material overalls to denim overalls and they are all pretty great for summer. Today I am happy to present to you some great and trendy overalls that you can wear this summer and be comfy while you are looking stylish and trendy

Tied pom-pom trimp romper:  this overall is kind of bohemian style with these little details. This one is simple and as you can see it is quiet light so that's great for warm weather. With this bohemian overall you can wear some girly hat in some light or bright colour and put some colours on with some accessories bag or necklaces and then add to it some great and comfy sandals because nothing can beat sandals with overall and you can get this overall at Forever21

Shapeless denim one piece: nothing says more casual and comfy than denim overall. Great denim shorts overall that is quiet retro but still looks great. This denim overall would be great with some basic top under it and some sandals with backpack quiet school girl style but also retro style and then you mix it up put on some nice necklace on and you can get this retro overall at Freepeople

Noisy may petite: I think white is such a summer colour and it looks great with summer clothes. This you can wear in casual way but also elegant way like for example when you are going out and need to be more elegant wear some simple top under it like this black crop top and then wear strapy heels with shoulder clutch you will look stylish and elegant but if you are feeling up to be casual just can totally wear this one get come cute crop top and get some nice girly hat with sneakers or sandals and you can get this white overall at Asos

Lansing jumper: another amazing white overall aka jumper in this case. White colour does make clothes more elegant doesn't it? And this one is not only white but also has lace details and that makes it even more elegant. This one is must elegant look it won't look good in casual look so great way to wear this one is with either some strapy heels if you want to go with heels or nice elegant sandals just some simple once or even flats and then put some shoulder clutch or just normal clutch and then maybe also add a cardigan if it is evening and it might get little cold you can just add some simple necklace to make it extra nice and when you are putting together an outfit with this overall use some pastel colours maybe you can add one piece with bright colour or neon but not too much pastel and you can get this beauty at 80spurple

Tencel jumpsuit: this one is shorts and it has nice pastel blue colour quiet like the colour of the sea and that's the perfect summer colour. This is overall is great it is sleeveless and has great length not showing off too much but also not too long. This one you can wear in casual way with some nice sandals and then add a denim jacket or also without jacket and hat would be fun accessory to this overall and then you can just take your favourite handbag with this outfit but if you have some special occasion and need to be more elegant get some nice heels but not too high and add blazer to it and nice clutch with some simple necklace or earring and you can get this pastel coloured overall at Bershka 

Amour playsuit: great name for an amazing overall. You can totally see that is one is more casual and perfect for beach overall. You can wear this sleeveless overall with some casual sandals or sneakers it depends where you are going and also add a denim jacket and there you go if you are going with this one to the beach also take beach bag some sunglasses and there you go you got stylish look for beach as well. You can get this overall at Whitefooxboutique  

Lamar jumpsuit: this colour really high lights the best part of this overall. You are probably thinking that you will be hot in this one because has long sleeves but because of the material and because it is quiet light it is perfect for the summer and up it is sleeveless so that is great to not get hot and feel comfy the whole day. And how can you wear this one? Well if you are going to wear this one the whole day and you want to be more casual then get some sandals because in sneakers it would be too hot and then get a handbag, sunglasses and there  you go you got simple but also stylish look but if you want to wear this one for special occasion you can get some heels handbag or clutch, maybe get on your hair some girly headband and of course some jewellery like necklace or earring and  be careful with colours with this one not too dark colours get some bright colour or even just simple white and black and you can get this overall at Peppermayo

Overalls are practical thing to wear in the summer and you can be practical and stylish at the same time. You just need to add view more pieces and you get great outfit and you will feel comfy in it but also you will have unique outfit and most importantly you won't get too hot so you can survive your summer work day. Overalls are great you can have fun accessorising them with some great stuff like sunglasses,necklaces and more. Overalls are definitely must have for summer for every fashionsta so make sure to get one as well you can also get just some cheap one at H&M and also put together outfit like I suggested it. If you enjoyed this article let us know so we can do more articles like this but for now goodbye hope you enjoyed this one

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