To my fellow bloggers

Monday, June 15, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Blogging this is quiet a new thing and when people start to blog they don't really know a lot about. Some people get very annoyed by the fact that they are not earning any money even though they have a lot of traffic on their blog, people are asking themselves why are advertisers not coming to me and asking me to put ad on your blog well trust me I get this and I know the feeling. I also had to deal with this recently but I found great videos where they teach you how to get your blog to have advertisers and for them to come to you. I'll share with you an amazing playlist that helped me figure out how that all works and I know this is not an usual article but I thought it might help other bloggers that are just starting and don't really know how it works and if you are asking if this is a sponsor article no it's not. I think this videos are very helpful and easy and here is where you can learn all about how to earn money from blogging 

Hope this helps you out and let me know how you like it 

Nakedlydressed xx