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Make up is girl's best friend isn't that right even though we are all beautiful and don't need makeup we kind of have desire to put something on our beautiful faces and we probably can't live without our makeup even when it comes to traveling. Some girls have problems packing makeup for traveling either it gets crushed through transport and all of that and gets ruined or sometimes your beautiful and amazing makeup is too big and not practical for traveling and our favourite makeup brands made our lives easier by making special makeup for traveling that is in small sizes and very practical. Here is some makeup that might be useful when you are traveling of course when you are traveling for long time you can bring your usual makeup but when you just go for view weeks or days you don't want to bring too much makeup

Naked palette basic: as I mention in post view days ago this naked basic is perfect for traveling it has all colours you need for any makeup from basic to evening makeup from cream colours to very dark colour and it is in small size so that's great and practical for traveling

Colored clay liquid foundation: this tarte foundation is an amazing foundation and has lasts for a long time next to that it also protects your face from sun so you won't just look pretty you will also be protected and it is such a cute small size that you will have enough space for other makeup in your makeup bag I hate all these foundation with these bottles that can get broken very easily and theyare heavy so that's not good for traveling this foundation is great for short travelling 

Naked on the run: as the name says this is made for when you are ongo or traveling this amazing urbandecay eyeshadow palette is not only for eye it has many other things that your beautiful face will need to be even more beautiful. This palette contains nice natural coloured eyeshadows that will allow you to create amazing combos with your eyes while traveling and not only does it have this but also bronzer,brush, lipgloss and eyeliner not more you need and it comes also in small size great to pack in your travel bag and just travel in joy

Waterproof eyeshadow: if the colours from your naked palette basic are not enough you can also get some of these anastasia beverly hills eyeshadow that has range or amazing colours that can mix things little bit up with these bright edgy colours and amazing thing is these are waterproof so your makeup will stay longer and that is great thing is summer because of the hot weather our makeup always stays less 

Showstopper clay palette: this tarte eyeshadow palette also comes in small size great for traveling and when you are on go and can't bring too much stuff. It has amazing nice colours that will be enough for you to do any kind of makeup this palette contains from cream nude colours to dark brown which means you can easily do everyday makeup as well as smoky eyes and evening makeup with this palette and it is just small circle shape basically like you have your mirror on you and it is not too heavy 

Melted lipgloss: you probably heard about these melted lipgloss from toofaced they are something everyone likes at the moment and totally small so great to take to holiday also has great colours some even matt colours and very shinny and least for long time and if you like more than one take more than one because they are light and won't be problem to take them

Vegan: I also talked about this concealer in my previous beauty article and I said these concealers are amazing first so practical to apply to your face it might not cover as much as the other types of concealer but it lasts for long time and the quality is good as well and come one how great is only pencil very light and great to bring when you are traveling 

Casino bronzer: this casino bronzer from nars is also another practical makeup fro traveling look how small that is and yet I hear it is quiet amazing and it hight lights the beauty of your face fully and does pretty good job at making sure your face in all nice and glowing and what are you waiting for grab this amazing bronzer for your next trip and you won't regret it 

Love palette: this is another eyeshadow palette but this one is from toofaced and also made for traveling and to help us all have light makeup but still have enough to have amazing makeup at all times. This palette has from light shades to darker shades that allows you do to everyday makeup but also can be something glamour as well to evening makeup and also it has even little eyeliner that might also be useful so if you don't know what to bring to next trip bring this

It's quiet interesting how many beautiful things can fit in one little box and the same goes for makeup you just need little palette to look amazing and just view other things also little. But when you are traveling it is so not practical to bring a lot of makeup that you are not even sure you are going to use. So help yourself and just buy view of these little things that will be so useful. Hope you enjoyed another of #nakedlydressedsummer series make sure to subscribe to our newsletter that you can find on right side to know when the next summer series articles is coming up

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