Denim on denim

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Today it was very hot in Zürich and typical chilling around kind of day. Because it was so hot my mom, my sister and I decided to go to shopping mall. It was quiet nice, we checked out couple of stores, there is a lot of sales at the moment, but I didn't buy anything. I first can't go shopping with anyone, for me it is the best to shop alone and I first go to check out all the stores and then I think what I need and go next time to buy it, kind of weird but also good because then I don't waste too much money. Afterwards I was feeling kind of hungry, you probably know when it is so hot the only thing you want to do is eating am I right? So next to this shopping mall is IKEA and I just love eating these panzerotti and just poring coca-cola over and over again isn't that the best thing about IKEA. Before we went out of the house while I am getting ready my sister told me I looked like J.Lo I guess my outfit looked a bit like J.Los and I thought it was so funny what she said. When we were in IKEA I made her take photo of my outfit because she said I looked like J.Lo and I had to show you guys and also I kind of liked this one so here is my outfit. It is very casual, for shopping outfit and just casual occasions hope you like it and let me know if you agree with my sister

Sunglasses from Rayban | Hoops earrings from Six | Denim vest from Zara | Purple tanktop from Zara | Brown watch from Manor | Black shoulder clutch from Bershka | Denim shorts from Pull&Bear | Daisy sandals from Aldo

As you can see this look is quiet casual, very typical for shopping at least for me. I am sorry about my pose and you couldn't see all the items very clearly but I did make photos extra of the items. I love mixing denim and denim together especially in the summer, so today I was feeling up for wearing denim shorts, but I didn't want my outfit to be too boring with just tanktop and plus I haven't worn this vest that much time even though it is such an amazing vest so I thought let's but this vest on. So then with that it comes this purple tanktop and I have to tell you guys I have been obsessed with purple tanktops this year I don't know why but I have at least five purple tanktops just different styles if you want I can show you. That all made the outfit look way better so I just put on my favourite sandals daisy from aldo and guys don't you love this colour it is so summery colour. After that I was like we are going to shopping mall by car so I don't need to bring too many stuff so I just take my shoulder clutch that is btw my fav thing to wear in the summer I might have mentioned it in our last article and at the end of meat some accessories because any outfit needs it a bit. So I decided on this hoops earrings I like to wear them with pony tale, they looks nice with it. This way they are making your face a bit smaller anyways I also put this brown watch on because I can't never go without a watch out of the house and at the end my fav sunglasses from rayban. I think in last couple of months I don't think I have went out of the house with these sunglasses so we can't even call it accessory anymore. Hope you like this one and let me know if I do really look like J.Lo and guys about giveaway that I was telling you about I am on it, but need a bit more time don't worry it will happen

Have a nice day

Nakedlydressed xx