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View days ago I wrote an article about this amazing company that makes these tattoos and if you read it you are probably familiar with it. I checked them out and fell in love with their products. I have been loving these golden and silver tattoos for a while but I never found really good once but these are great. Because I wrote lovely article the kind people from beachsochic send me over some tattoos to try them out and I did that and now I will tell you how they worked out for me and just give you little inside. Before we start here are some photos of tattoos I took:

This tattoos is as you can see kind of like bracelet tattoo and looks great on arms on legs click here

These are also another kind of bracelet tattoos and I put three of them at the same place, because it looks great, and it great in summer time because you are mostly with short clothes where you can see your legs and I also love the design of these tattoos click here

This tattoo is really interesting it is bracelet with these little flags and I put just above my feet because I thought it really looks great and also I noticed that makes my legs skinnier and this is for real try it out it really does make a difference click here

And now that you seen some photos let's talk about these tattoos and other photos are coming soon in this article. First I cut out the tattoo I wanted because on my paper there are many tattoos and you need to cut it then I removed clear protective top sheet and put the tattoo where I wanted and then put a enough water on tattoos so it would apply good. After I applied the tattoo looked so amazing and I applied view more and they all looked so amazing. Of course I was wondering how long they are going to last since they are temporary tattoos I thought it might be for couple of hours or so. I tried different activities to see if they are going to go away. First I went running and was on the sun a bit, then in the evening I showered , put some shampoo on and some lotion and it didn't go away, then next day I was tanning the whole day in the sun and went swimming. So what I am trying to say is these tattoos are not only looking good but the quality is good as well, I still have them on and a week has pasted by, they don't look as clear as the first day, but they are temporary tattoos and for that they are pretty good. I am so amazed how they are and I just remembered how it used to be with these temporary tattoos you would put them on and just for couple of hours you would have them and now these temporary tattoos are lasting long and you can do whatever you want and they will stay on you. 

This tattoo is stars tattoo with black, silver and gold starts and it is great this one is great spot, because it is summer time you are going swimming and wearing your swimsuit and you want to show off click here
I love this one these two points next to eyes my friend, it look great on eyes and it can even be like part of your makeup click here

This is another bracelet tattoo I love the design of this one and you can put on arms or on your legs as well click here

I also noticed these tattoos can also be used as like accessories if you don't have something to put on with your outfit, these tattoos are great for that. I love their design they are all unique in their own way and how shinny they are just puts you in the best mood. I love how these bracelet once look when you put couple of them in one place. So guys what are you waiting for check these out and order them, I think for the quality they offer the price is pretty good. I linked all of the photos to their webpage just click the photo or here and check them out and now you know for sure that they are good. Order them and let us know how they work for you and here are the rest of the photos enjoy

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Jessa said...

These look so cool. I love them! Your blog is so well done. Can't wait to read more
XOXO Jessa