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Summer has great clothing and I have to say for fashion summer is my favourite season well actually in general let's face it, it has the best weather and everything is super good mood in summer so I think there's nothing wrong with summer. By now you should be noticing summer, the vibe, the weather and everything that comes with it and for that my lovely fashionista I want to share with you what for clothing you will need in case you don't want to go too big and buy unnecessary stuff for summer. You probably can relate to this one just going to mall and wanting to buy only what you need and then end up with 10 shopping bags well I think this one will really help you out with that, in this case you will know what you really need and also if you are planning to go to summer trip this once will be very useful.

1. Overall: overalls are must have in summer it doesn't matter if it is denim overall, some jumpsuit or rumper anything goes they are super cute and stylish and in hot summer days very comfy and you they will look good with anything. These overalls always look good with pair of sandals or some high heels it depends on occasion and some cute bag and of course sunnies to look even more cool

2. Clutch: clutch are always good idea and especially in the summer, in that time you don't need too many things with you just take your waller, phone and there you go maybe lipstick and some other stuff. The clutch is small and easy to carry and also love how it looks with any outfit. At the moment I am obsessed with my black on shoulder clutch and basically wear it everywhere and they are totally awesome because they go with elegant but also casual looks

3. Maxi dress: maxi dress they might such a great clothing item for summer wardrobe. The material they are made of is so light that makes it easier to handles hot summer days plus it is so comfy and looks stylish as well. Wear it with some cute sandals, on shoulder clutch and of course hat to look classy with the maxi dress

4. Strapy heels: this one is only must have for anyone who loves to wear heels for me this one is must have for summer. This strapy heels are just great and and just classic, you can wear them to some special occasions like maybe some lunch, or event, but you can pull them off as well with casual outfit. You could wear them with elegant short with clutch and some nice blouse or if you want to be more casual wear them with some nice jeans and crop top, also if you are not big fan of this strapy heels you can get pointed toe heels that is also must have for summer but you can get just one of them

5. Tank top: nothing says more summer than tank top, it is perfect for summer and it makes you not feel too hot while it is freaking warm. It is great to put together some casual summer/beach outfit either with some cute shorts or in the evening some cool jeans and just sandals very simple but stills looks great

6. Jacket: in summer you actually don't need jacket but in the evening it can get chilly and when you go out it is nice with your outfit to add a jacket. So get yourself either denim jacket or any jacket you like or even blouse that goes too. For example these jacket would go great with maxi dress denim jacket and maxi dress great match and with that some nice heels

7. Crop top: crop top are super cute with anything and just light to wear in the summer. Wear them with some shorts or skirts or even some jeans when you go out in the evening and with that strapy heels great mix and you are good to go out and look amazing

8. Sandals: sandals is of course a must for summer get yourself some good leather sandals, you know you will always need sandals in summer is it casual or elegant look. You can mix them up with a lot of items like for example skirts, shorts and any summer dresses anything goes with sandals 

9. Black jeans: black jeans are great for parties and just any special occasions in summer, they simple so you can put them together with a lot of items. When you go out with your friends just put these jeans and some nice crop top maybe in some nice colour and clutch and you are done maybe also add some accessories necklaces or earring but that looks totally stylish

10.Shorts and skirts: summer outfits are the best with shorts and skirts, it looks super cute and just simple. When you go to the beach skirts and shorts are great to wear. Also go crazy with clothes with floral prints from dresses to skirts, because you need happy clothes. Anyways skirts and shorts great to mix up with anything and easy 

These are ten simple items that you will totally need in your closet and will help you make amazing summer outfits and look stylish at anytime. This list is also useful for fashionistas that are traveling soon so you can use it as checklist and not buy anything extra. Though I would suggest any of you who are traveling to hold on with buying and wait to go shopping when you are traveling, because nothing is better than coming home with brand new clothes that no one at home has. That is one of my favourite things about traveling, just coming home totally fresh and with new clothes. Hope you enjoyed this one and helped you out or will help you in future let me know how you like the list and if you think I should add something else and please do share with us if you are traveling anywhere and what you prefer shopping home or when you are traveling

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