Back to school: ideas for wardrobe

Friday, August 28, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 1 Comments

As we all know it's is that time to go back to school at least for some of you, as you all know I am done with school for now of course I'll be getting back to school soon but this year it is just for me school break. Anyways it is time to get back to school and that means also we need some new clothes and perfect time to shop some new clothes. When you go back to school you need to be seen with new trendy clothes, but you can't wear clothes you wore in summer, they have to be in school style. So today I got something super interesting I am giving you ideas what you can get for clothes for school

First the most important are skinny jeans and these with ripped knees are super trendy. I love skinny jeans for super because first your legs look amazing and second they are so comfy. And great way to wear them is with some comfy pullover it is easy to put together and always looks cute. For sneakers vens and all stars are must have for back to school wardrobe, because they go so well with these skinny jeans and even skirts and shorts we all wear to school and also they look so cute and the best thing is they are so freaking comfy so if you are not feeling like dressing up when you have exam time you can still look great only with them and just put view basic items on. But if you are more up for a bit dressing up and looking super nice, especially the first week of school you would need these ankle boots that are so trendy and look great with skinny jeans or stud shorts or skirts which are so in at the moment. I love these ankle boots because they look great even with basic items. One very great thing you have in your closet are these topshop croptops that are have written something on them in back to school style like greek and stuff like that, they are not too short so that perfect for school. They look great with some leather skirt and for example with these amazing ankle boots. Because it's summer almost over it is getting cold, so for these cold days coming up we will need very trendy oversized scarf that you can get at zara. For skirts you will want to get these stud skirts with buttons or even stud shorts that are very in at the moment and totally going to be great with you back to school looks. For bags you would need one cute backpack for example floral once if you are girly kind of girl and just another in neverfull kind of style bag, where you can put a lot of stuff and heavy books. And of course because it is fall you'll need some kick ass jacket and that only can stud jacket with fringe that is so cute and you would look amazing with some skinny jeans, ankle boots and some on shoulder  clutch or backpack. And for end the accessories for back to school are simple some nice bracelets and hats great way to rock your back to school looks. Hats are always fun and look great with any look and the fall is great time to wear it. So these were some of my ideas for wardrobe for back to school. Please let us know if you enjoyed this article and if you want us to do more of these

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Artdicted 2 said...

Wow, I love this backpack, such a cute pattern! (:
Nati xx