It's is green kind of day

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Today was pretty great for me. It was such a nice weather in Zürich, maybe for some people too hot but for me it was perfect. Today I planned to go shopping with my friend because our friend has this Saturday birthday and we both didn't know what to get him, so we got him both together really an awesome gift. We got him punch of small gifts that way it is more fun to open them. For today's outfit I decided to go with girly style and this is what I wore

Sunglasses from Rayban | Lipstick from Maccosmetics | Top from PullandBear | Floral skirt from PullandBear | Sandals from Aldo | Shoulder clutch from Manor

As you can see it is quit simple and girly look. Today for sunglasses decided with my classic rayban, I didn't want the blue once because it is already kind of blue green colour in my outfit and these classic always look good. As you might noticed I love putting red and pink lipsticks on and for today I decided to put my new all fired up matt in hot pink lipstick, I am so in love with it. Really give great effect to your lips and it is great because my skirt has also a bit of pink colour. For top I was first deciding if I should wear a black shirt or this one, but then I put this one on and it looked way better. And I decided to wear this floral skirt because I was feeling up for girly and also floral. I actually love this skirt, but I have not been wearing it that much this summer. And then shoes I decided this brown/green sandals from aldo that I am so in love with, they are so simple and look so elegant and of course because it is summer time I wore my favourite bag for summer, my shoulder clutch. I actually loved this outfit and didn't first know if it would be too much green colour, but I think it is fine. What do you think? Let me know how you would wear floral skirt?
Hope you liked this one

Nakedlydressed xx