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Friday, August 21, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Lately I have been shopping a lot of makeup and I feel this have become my obsession, haha no just kidding. But girls can you relate to this when you can't stop shopping some things and you just buy them and buy them, well that's makeup for me at the moment. The good thing about me buying a lot of this makeup is that I get to write about it and show you how good they are so instead of write for every product one post I thought why not write in one post about all of this products

Naked palette 2 from Urbandecay: I have hear amazing things about this one but didn't believe until I bought it and got inside of this amazing palette. The colours are all natural 

as you can see on this photo, great colours and these basic white colours very great and pigmented so it looks very nice and the brown once are also great you see the second one I have already been using for while now and I love how you can mix up this platte with other like palette 1, but I totally like this one more than palette 1. I use this one for work makeup and it stays still strong at the end of the day and then I just add a bit darker colours for night out and there are so amazing makeup looks you can get from this one 

All fired up matt lipstick from maccosmetics: this one is from mac's latest lipstick collection and I have been loving it, it has very bright colour and really high lights the beauty of any lips. You could wear it with simple makeup for everyday, to spicy things up or for night out looks both ways amazing

Red lipstick from kiko: kiko is a lot cheap and you would thing their product quality is bad, but it's actually pretty good. You will have to put the lipstick on your lips could of times, but then it's going to stay on your lips for good five hours or even more and it also looks great on your lips. I would suggest if you need for a job or anything to get this one, it is pretty good one

Pink high shimmer lipgloss from bobbi brown: I have heard all good things about bobbi brown and then I noticed that they opened their store in a department store in Z├╝rich so I wanted to check them out and found this amazing lipgloss that I had to buy. This lipgloss is just amazing, it's shinny and looks so nice. I also like to put an lipstick on and then the lipgloss so my lips are super shinny. The quality is very good and it also smells very good as well. If you are lipgloss lover I would totally invest in this one, it is a bit pricy but totally worth it

Lipstick prime from maccosmetics: I bought this lipstick prime from mac last week, because I needed my lipstick to stay on for a long time, because of the work. It is always ugly when half is off. So this prime works pretty easy to put it on before you put lipstick on, then lipstick couple of time and then one more time prime and it should be better. When I put it on the first time, it did work pretty well it stayed longer and it looked so perfect. If you also want you lipstick to stay longer totally get this one

Mascara from Chanel: for a long time I have been searching for mascara and couldn't find a good one, well then a friend of mine told me that chanel one is good one and then I went a bought it. This one that I bought it has volume and the long lashes all in one. I tried it on and it was amazing, it made it longer and better looking you wouldn't believe it. Sometimes I feel like I have fake eyelashes on it amazing it is totally worth trying out. This is how it looks on me 

So these were the products I bought and their review I hope you had fun with it and I helped you out

Till next time

Nakedlydressed xx