Hers and his date night outfit

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Date nights are always fun, it gives you chance to get to know each other better and that can never be bad. But anyone it is a bit hard to decide what to wear you know for any date you want to look good but you always don't want to seem that you are trying too hard and you want to impress this person so for today's article I will give you some ideas what you can wear on date

It depends where you are going, but most of the time you probably won't know where you are going and if it is first date that probably won't be too fancy so what you can wear is just some simple black skater dress with pair of ankle boots and some nice necklace and with all that some cute little clutch. But of course that one of ideas, you can also wear some simple skinny jeans with pointed toe heels and some blouse maybe some cute earrings in vintage style and you can wear handbag with that. Also another great ideas some mix between casual and elegant skater skirt and stripe shirt tucked in the skirt and with that blazer with ankle boots and some cool clutch. So these are some great ideas for date and with these outfits you can go also to fancy places but not feeling too overdressed

I am of course not big expert on men's fashion but I know what I think looks good on men. And you as men you also don't want to be too overdressed and I know you men love to stay simple not too many details like us women. You can't go wrong with pair of jeans maybe skinny jeans if you are into that, some simple one coloured shirt with leather jacket and then with that ankle boots and for kind of James Dean look you put on a hat, simple but so stylish. Another great way is with some trousers and then simple shirt and with that some cool pullover since it is getting cold at the moment with that kind of biker shoes a bit messy and with all of that great fit would be nice coat and we got great outfit for handsome man. For our last outfit idea we got how about some elegant grey trousers with some nice stripe shirt and then with that pullover jacket you know those jacket that look really good and with all of that pair of your favourite shoes in brown maybe and put some nice leather bracelet to look even better. 

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