My top foundation and concealer

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Foundation and concealer is very important for our makeup, for our face to look fresh and clean we need these tools. And we might not thing that it is important it is very important and for that to work we also need good once but just some cheap stuff so for today's article I will show you my top foundations and concealers that I already have tried and am very happy with and I will tell you how worked with me so hope you have fun 

1. Chanel: This chanel foundation that is called "Perfection Lumière" is one my favourite for everyday makeup. I usually put it on when I am busy all day and have no time to put again and the reason is because this foundation is flawless and stays on the hole day. It's so amazing usually some foundation go off after couple of hours but this one really stays on and it is really smooth and clean so for sure check it out 

2. Urbandecay: as you all know I love urbandecay and recently came across their amazing foundation called naked skin suits perfect for them because they are all about natural anyways I think the texture of the foundation is good and it is very easy to blend in and it also covers anything that needs to be covered and your face look very clean and nice with that. I use it sometimes thought not as often as chanel one, when I just have to do something quickly then I put this one

3. Toofaced: born this way foundation from toofaced that I fell in love with because of the package and the product is just amazing as well. It's creamy and you have pretty of shades to choose from it covers any spots that need to be covered. I would suggest to apply bb cream before applying the foundation just because it works better and it will also stay longer. I am not sure about someone else who used this one but I am very happy with it 

4. Dior: this dior foundation is called nude air and has many great shades and it turned out to be great I bought it just view weeks ago and I sometimes wear it when I go to work because it is great and it stays on for at least 8 hours and you don't even have to put too much of it to cover everything and that's the best thing you will feel light and also look clean and fresh, the quality of it is also good it doesn't give your face any negative effects and I think it is really good also applying it is very practical 

5. Nars: I love nars they really have some good products and this foundation I have been using for while when I got out and when I am very active. For me this one is very good one, it has everything I need it covers everything and it has matte finish and it is even better for me because I don't like too much sine on my face. What some people do with this nars foundation is they mix two shades and this way it looks even better totally worth trying out 

 1. Urbandecay: I already talked about this concealers from UB they are in form of pencil which I think it is great because I don't like to get my hands dirty while applying makeup on. I tried this once and they work pretty well and also stay for long time and you got all shades you need 

2. Toofaced: One of my favourite concealers, you can blend lines pretty easy and this one is perfect covering acne. Also because it is creamy it makes it great to apply to your face and make it soft and it does come with small package but this package you can use for at least three months because you just need little bit for it to be covered and it last the whole day and even though you just woke up with it you will look like you have been up for long time 

3. Makeup forever: I don't use much from makeup forever because I just known about them for a while, but I thought I'll give a go with their foundation and it's alright. It gives your face coverage enough and it looks nice on the face and it has pretty good shades basically for any skin tone and their concealers work with any type of skin so that's also great and the face totally doesn't break down 

4. Benefit: this boi-ing concealer from benefit has been very popular and I got it view years ago and I still keep buying that's of course means I am very happy with it and it is right. The coverage is amazing it is great for dark line and blemishes and it has also great shades only thing that is not that good is it can't stay too long but you might try putting something before like primer it might work then or maybe it doesn't work on my skin 

5. Chanel: Because it's chanel it might be something good about this product, the applying is pretty easy you just apply bit and I love the form it comes, but for it to stay longer you will need some powder. But with that you will be sure that the dark lines will be hidden and the quality of the product is high and it won't break your face

6. Anastasia Beverlyhills: this concealer comes in glass so I would recommend using concealer brush because you don't want to waste the whole product by sticking your fingers in it. These concealers are very creamy and pigmented which is very important when it comes to dark lines and those things that needs to be covered. The quality is pretty good and they good also great shades. I would suggest trying this one out 

It's great to have foundations and concealers in one place and read how they are and how they worked for you, so hope this article was helpful if you are searching for foundation or concealer or if you are just makeup lover

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