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We all love shopping, but nothing is better than sitting at home drinking your favourite drink and ordering pretty things online for hours, only one suffering in this case in your poor creditcard. I mean I love shopping anyways, but when you see so many people you are just not in mood to buy anything and you can no inspiration or when you are not in mood at all you really can't buy a thing. But online shopping you can do always and it is way easier than go to shops am I right? I just love ordering and then the best part when you get the stuff, anyways sometimes you don't know where you shop. Online shopping is also like normal shopping you also have to know right places to shop so for today's article I will show you my favourite shops and what you can buy there

Beginningboutique: the amazing Australian online shop, that I have been loving for a while. I already talked about it and also showed you couple of their stuff and now I am just letting you now it is still my top choice but if you don't know them they are very cool girly online shop. They are known for their amazing dresses with a lot of daisy prints very girly, and the designs are also pretty unique and it is really something you can't see in every shop and that's why they are a bit pricy but so worth it. They also sell tops, shorts, skirts, shoes even swimwear. I always keeping coming back to them for summer dresses and really some girly clothes and I was always happy with them

Missguided: this one is an English online shop, that is very fashion forwarded and has little bit of edgy style but also girly and they love selling clothes for different holidays like new years. They got from amazing dresses to very simple but yet unique tops  anything you would want and a bit edgy with bright colours with different styles and what I also love about them is that they are not pricy and you get stuff very quickly

Stradivarius: sadly in Switzerland we don't have stradivarius yet, but I really love their stuff so that is why I am shopping online at their online store a lot. The delivery costs are not that high and also they get quickly. I love their jersey that are so cosy I have so many of them and also tshirts are great as well, I recently bought basic maxi skirt and I love it. I also buy at Pull&Bear which is basically the same thing just another name

Asos: you might know this one, it has been popular these days. Asos doesn't really have their own products they sell products from hundred brands all over the world from low prices to high prices. Really when it comes to clothing you will probably find on Asos. I always found great new years dress there or just some simple tops, nice skirts and even cute accessories. The best thing is they also have quiet a lot of sale so if it is pricy you might wait and get it on sale

Tigermist:  this one is another Australian online shop might hear of them they are quiet popular on instagram anyways they also have anything from dresses to skirts and more. Every their products has something unique with bright colours and nice prints and little details. I love buying their dresses for night out they really have great once so make sure to check them out

Peppermayo: also great Australian online shop for very girly girls who love pretty pieces with unique details. They have playsuits and dresses with unique prints that I love wearing. They are a bit pricy but totally worth it and I do buy a lot at their shop

These are just some of my favourite links but there are even more so because they are even more I will just write you links for them and you can check them out yourself. I don't shop their that often but I still feel like they are awesome and you should check them out

Princess Polly

Yes so these are really cool shops and I find anything I need there so you should totally check them out and remember to come back soon because some cool stuff are coming up soon

Always love you

Nakedlydressed xx