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Urbandecay is such an amazing brand and I love it and always keep buying they products because they are that good and not only that but they do last for long time. I feel like when it comes to makeup it does have to be good quality because that comes direct to your face and you really don't want something cheap that breaks your face, I know UD is a bit expensive but better save for that than buy cheap makeup and then you'll have to waste way more money on skin care because the cheap makeup broke your face. Anyways Urbandecay is really good and they always keeping creating new amazing makeup and lately they released some amazing new products and so today I will be showing some of them get excited

Naked smoky: the name of this wonderful palette says it all, it's for smoky eye makeup and you can say that just by looking at this colours. They are all kind of dark only couple colours are light but we do need it to put it before we put the dark stuff. In this palette we got from dimensional grey, rich brown and deep black and other more. Now the question is how to use it and how to apply it? Well this palette is more for night out makeup for smoky eye but we also have enough light colours for everyday kind of smoky eye. Great smoky eye look would be mix between this deep black and the purple one great mix, or these two grey would also pull it of as well as grey and black and you can mix up or purple and grey but before you apply these crazy colours make sure to apply these top coats the light shades to make it really clear and don't forget to blend because there is always better smoky eye effect with blending 

Wende's Contrabrand: Wende has chosen her fav six shades and she put them in one little cute palette so that we are able to look amazing while traveling because then we are not able to take our big palettes with us. From light natural colours to bright colours. In first row we got all naturals kind of brown shades and we can mix up the first one with either second or third one for everyday makeup with a bit blending actions, but when night comes we will need these pretty bright colours. Some amazing mix with any of these brown colours with for example blue one for some smoky eye or just for nigh out look you can use the lightest brown shade as top coat and then put any of these bright colours for dramatic look and of course we also need eyeliner that is why Wende also put this little 24/7 black eyeliner so girly enjoy this one while traveling I am sure you'll look amazing

Water eye pencil: we know UD's 24/7 eyeliners and I guess they noticed that we love it so much so they decided to give us something even better water eye pencil so I think pencils are kind of better for me and you can draw this line better and this one is special because it is made for this waterline and not only that but this amazing eye pencil lasts all day it doesn't matter what you do and you got some amazing shades for these eye pencils so make sure to check it out

Vice 4: we all love our naked palettes our natural coloured palettes that looks so natural but let's be honest nothing put us in better mood than to see these vice palettes. I mean you probably have to be careful how you mix them up and also you can't always wear them but just by looking at them you have that need to buy it and the packaging is just amazing and now UD made this amazing vice 4 palette and my eye are melting just by looking at them I can't wait to try it out and see what works best. First I love these brown colours for top coat I do sometimes mix up vic palette with naked for everyday makeup even though this one is not for everyday makeup you can find some good stuff as well. And I think this last brown really can be good use for everyday makeup but lets look I bit more deep come on look at this pink shade amazing this is so bright you can actually do smoky kind of eyes with some or this dark purple, or look at this green one is also amazing mix with this bright orange amazing or mix with pink nothing better. I mean I think any of this colour works maybe not wear them in the morning but some of them would also work during the day. I think the one is the best one yet and all of these shades are never seen before so all new and you can a lot of options for smoky eye as well as just normal during the day look but of course this one is the best for night makeup

Naked Illuminated: our amazing UD also made for us something even more awesome, they made this amazing shimmer powder for face and body I mean how cool is that. With this you just apply it anywhere you want to with foundation brush and you will get instant naked glow, if you are feeling up for looking glittery and shinny this product is perfect for you. I think sometimes it really looks nice when you glow and who doesn't love to shine. And you only need to apply little bit to really be glowing

Perversion: when it comes to mascara it take us very long time to find perfect one and I recently found the perfect mascara and it is the chanel one and I love it, it gives me everything I need but I do have to put it more thank once and my lashes do get a bit dry after but this one I bought like a week ago and let me tell you it is true story that you have to only put it once and it gives big beautiful lashes and it is not too dry or too wet it has smooth feeling and you can keeping putting on and your lashes will keeping looking bigger and better. And with this amazing mascara you get also mascara primer called subversion for even more sexier lashes looking so bigger and with a lot of volume. Girls if you are looking for perfect mascara stop and go by Urbandecay it will chance your lashes 

After glow: to give your cheeks and of course the face little colour UD created this amazing after brush glow in many different shades and the best thing about this one it suits any kind of skin tone. Only thing you need to is take foundation or bronzer brush and apply this one on your cheek and they blend it out a bit, for a bit of contouring. And it is really easy to apply because it is like cream. You can either wear it on apply of your cheeks or a bit up it depends on what look you are looking for. One more thing about this amazing thing is it lasts 8 hours so it pretty much enough to put it in the morning.

Vaults: Urbandecay creatives these cool vaults, where they put some of our favourite products and this time around they put first 40 eye pencils in any shades you can possibly imagine and I think it is pretty practical for someone who uses a lot of eye pencils I personally don't use that much I just got the colours I really need, but someone uses everyday and you got that all in one for 295 $ and come on also the packaging is pretty amazing. And then this other one I think is pretty cool you got in the one big box every possible naked palette you can imagine from naked 1 to basics and smoky eye and for me that would be perfect because I use it a lot. This would be great X-mas present and it is 165 $ which is also cheaper than buying all of them. These two are pretty great idea for xmas presents 

You can really see that UD puts a lot of work to make us happy and create amazing makeup and I keep loving shades they are making and even packaging it is pretty amazing to create makeup. Anyways these were they latest products I hope you enjoyed reading and hope this article will be use if you are thinking about buying some of the products

Have fun with a lot of beautiful makeup

Love you always

Nakedlydressed xx