My everyday makeup routine

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Don't you hate when you have to wake up super early so you can do your make up and all of that and then your makeup ends up being not that nice and then what. Today I got great makeup routine for you girls that I use every morning for during the day makeup not too much just enough to look pretty and it is so easy

1. Coverage: first it comes coverage so our faces look prettier I start off with foundation primer you don't really need it but for the face to be very clean and to not have any uncovered spots it is good to use it and I use the Urbandecay one it is really good and you apply just a bit after that I apply foundation and I have the Naked skin from Urbandecay as well and I just put it on my hand and apply with brush when I am finished with foundation my face already looks pretty nice and then only thing I need is concealer I use 24/7 pencil concealer from Urbandecay and love it, that one is so good and I apply it under my eye line, a bit on nose and just some spot I want to cover and with that being done I end the coverage phase it lasts for about 2 minutes

Cheeks: this part you can also skip if you are more into natural look, but I sometimes do this part since I like little bronzer on my cheeks. I first use blush from Urbandecay after glow in shade between pink and red and first I apply it by taping it on my cheeks and then I blend it out with brush against nose so it is nice and clean and then I take my mac bronzer and apply it the same way I apply blush when I am done with that I also like to use highlighter and I use limited edition highlighter from bobbibrown love it and this one I a bit up and just tap it and then I am pretty much done with that 

Eyes: of course eye for my everyday makeup don't look like that more natural of course. First I start by putting eyeshadow primer on my eyes and eyeshadow primer little is more than enough don't over do it. With eye makeup I always start off the white or just light shade eyeshadow it is good base anyways I love mixing it up and just trying different shades, but mostly I use naked palette from UD so after I put some brown shade and applying it on my eye in triangle form nice slowly so it looks good after I am happy with result I take my buffy brush and start blending the eyeshadow by taking also a bit of that shade on the brush and blending it out in circles little small movements if I am up for some glitter I also add on the end a bit glittery eyeshadow and that's it when I am done with that I start putting my mascara on and I use the chanel one. I put mascara on so that I raise the whole length of my lushes and do that couple of time so lushes can be big and nice when I am done with mascara I am pretty much done with the eyes and I can move on to the lips

 Lips: this part is my favourite part so much fun putting lipstick on. So first I start with lipstick primer which is not a must but if you want it to last all day long then it is a must put it couple of times and then nice and slowly put lipliner on your lips when you are happy with results put the lipstick on and put it strong and couple of times and by that time your lips will look so amazing you wouldn't believe and then only one thing is left

Face: so for your makeup to look fresh and nice whole day this little spray is such a good use only thing you need to do is apply this spray in three different ankles and wait couple of seconds to dry out 

So this is my makeup routine in just view step get amazing makeup and now for all of you who are interested I will list all products I use

Foundation primer: Complexion primer potion from Urbandecay
Foundation: Naked skin from Urbandecay
Concealer: 24/7 concealer pencil from Urbandecay
Blush: After glow from Urbandecay
Bronzer: Bronzing powder from Maccosmetics
Highlighter: Shimmer brick sunset pink from Bobbibrown 
Eyeshadow primer: Eyeshadow primer potion from Urbandecay
Eyeshadow: Naked palette 1 and 2 from Urbandecay
Mascara: Le Volume De Cahnel mascara from Chanel
Spray: All nighter from Urbandecay
Lipstick primer: Ultimate Ozone from Urbandecay

Hope you liked this article and I helped you out

Lots of love

Till next time my Fashionistas

Nakedlydressed xx