Post Christmas sales you should know about

Sunday, December 27, 2015 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

Christmas is almost over, but don't be sad there is still New Year's and you got some pretty exciting things after Christmas. But guys seriously don't you get annoyed every year because you spend some much time preparing for xmas and then in just view second it is all over and you have to wait for next one that is the least favourite thing about xmas. I wrote thing down because someone asked me view days ago what is my least favourite thing about xmas and now you know. Anyways after Christmas all of our stores knew will would be super sad so they used this opportunity to give us some awesome sale so we can be happy and shop so here are after Christmas sales you should know about and maybe already buy for next xmas gift no just kidding too early

 H&M: don't we love h&m they always have they little sales through whole year, but after Christmas this year they really are spoiling us with up to 70% off at women, men and even home and yes h&m does also have home if you didn't know and you should check it out 

Topshop: we all love topshop and who doesn't love to shop at topshop one of my personal favourite shops but some stuff can be pretty expensive at topshop because it is such an unique shop but now that xmas is over topshop up to 50& off all sales items I mean that is a lot how good is this? I already checked some stuff online and they are pretty great and prices even better

Aldo: If you don't know Aldo it is shoe brand and they sell nice high heels and shoes, kind of fancy and elegant style. Their prices are not that expensive but also not that cheap so after Christmas they are offering us up to 50% off sale items and on their online shop 20% with the code on all new things so go to aldo and get yourself some new shoes

Forever21: I am so obsessed with forever21 and I love the fact that you can always find something there and they made us pretty great thing by offering us up to 75% off select styles in store and online so you don't even have to move just go to online shop and get yourself something nice

Sephora: don't we all love sephora and all of their brands, but sadly they are not really cheap good thing is around Christmas they do have sale and it looks pretty good but after Christmas even better now this year we have extra 20% off the sale items how amazing is that, and all our favourite items will not be that expensive I can't wait to shop there 

Mango: I personally don't shop at mango at all, but sometimes you can find some cool stuff there and mango also got little sale after christmas for us and it up to 50% off sale items which is pretty cool and I mean their prices are not that bad but with sale even better

Banana Republic: this Banana Republic is a cool brand I recently discovered but to be honest they are kind of pricy. Their style is more elegant but for younger people. Their present to us for Christmas is additional 50% off sale styles which is pretty awesome and since they are pricy we will have in good use these 50% so go discover this beautiful brand and shop away

American apparel: I don't know how it is in your country but in Switzerland American apparel is pretty expensive because of all the shipping and other costs and I think the brand is great but for just a basic tshirt you have to pay 30 dollars no way I can rather go to h&m and buy it for 10 or even less, but luckily this year they also got nice sale going on over there so  we got 30% off in the store and online with the code you will have to check this code online but I mean of course even 30% is good enough since it is at least 10 dollars less or even more it depends on the price 

Target: I know I don't have here in Switzerland target but I do shop online sometimes they do have pretty great stuff, but I also know we have a lot of readers from US so why not tell you about it. Anyways target got view sales going on on Christmas items up to 75% off, all clearance items up to 50% in store and online and you can save additional 20% apparel, shoes and accessory so target really did good this year so go and buy things you need or don't need

Urban outfitters: I am so in love with this brand and prices are not that bad I mean some things are pretty pricy but some are alright. I love their kind of indie style and I always find great items I can mix up with my everyday clothing anyways this year we got from UO for members 40% off all sale items and non members 30% off all sale items and online only through Monday 28th so you better so to store and get yourself and your loved once some sweet presents 

I think around Christmas time people are happy because of all the sales noo just kidding but how great are all these sales. I think people should save their money and just buy around this time everything they need for whole year, the only problem is some of these stuff will not be in the whole year so we always have to update our stuff. But these sales are great and you can really use it to get yourself some great stuff. Have fun shopping and please do send us pictures of that you bought we always love that 

Lot of love and joy

Nakedlydressed girls xx