Fluffy vest with skinny jeans

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

First post of the New Year first I wanted to wish you all my beautiful readers very happy new year and hope you'll get even more happiness in this one I know last year was pretty good to me. Anyways so sorry I didn't write as much I just couldn't you know when you are just not up for anything you just feel like being by yourself because of something that happened well that is how I felt. But I woke myself up and got up because I know you guys are counting on me and I want to make you happy. So I am back and I am not going away soon. Also had pretty amazing New Year's with a lot of joy and fun and yesterday I went out in the evening with my friend and took photo of my look. It was pretty cold the whole day just ugly rainy day and I didn't want to go out but then my friend called me and I needed to tell her some stuff so we just went for a drink and this is what I wore

 Scarf from Stadivarius | Leather jacket from Pull&Bear | Fluffy vest from Stradivarius | Shirt from Bershka | Bag from H&M | Jeans from Topshop | Sneakers from Vens

It was cold outside so I did want to feel cozy and warm but also be stylish. So it was no way I would be wearing my fat jacket and sadly I don't have any coats and this fluffy vest was perfect with my leather jacket since it is all warm. And also good thing about this fluffy west is that is it is not the whole fluffy behind it is knit and it is like cardigan kind of cool right? Anyways I wanted to put some colours into my look so I put this amazing Straidvarius scarf with kind of red colours suitable for this time and then it was not enough red for me I had to put also this red shirt on I am just obsessed with all kinds of shirts this season. I decided on this trousers since I am so in love with them how they look and how skinny they make my legs and love that they are high waist and for shoes I needed some comfy shoes but noo uggs since it was raining so I took my vens shoes very simple and not that badf for rain. And for the end I just took H&M fringe bag very simple and has enough space. So guys that was my comfy/stylish winter look since I was freezing a bit with this look but fashion is all about that don't you agree?

Hope you enjoyed this look and got inspired

Till soon

Nakedlydressed xx