Velvet for winter

Friday, January 22, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

This velvet clothes has been going around this season pretty a lot. If you didn't know what it is, it is basically such a comfy material you can totally cuddle with your own clothes and it is very much retro style and they are totally brining it back. And with velvet clothes you really need to be careful so today I will be showing some amazing velvet clothes from one of my favourite shops and how you can wear it

Topshop velvet green blazer: this blazer because it is from velvet it makes it very elegant and fancy so you can't wear it with some simple jeans and sneakers that wouldn't work at all. This blazer would be great for some fancy dinner. You could wear it with some nice skirt or even leather trousers that would work because they are also a bit more than casual and with that you can wear either a nice shirt or blouse to make it even more special and then throw some nice accessories for example some necklace and for bag you can wear clutch on your shoulders and either high heels or any kind of boots just of course no uggs 

Crushed velvet bodycon skirt from Forever21: I honestly love these long length skirt it makes your legs very skinny at least in my case and it also looks great. From Forever21 we got this great skirt that could actually be good for work if you need to be elegant for work and you working in boring office where you need more creative. Anyways you can go very simple with that one just wear either with a nice crop top though if it is for work not good idea or with some very nice top or even shirt that you can tuck in it would also be good and with that ankle boots would be good because the skirt is already too long so you don't want to hide your whole legs you need to show them and with that I would wear some kind of retro style earrings and I would totally wear crossbody bag it would look awesome 

 Velvet halterneck mini dress mauve from Missguided: now this is something I would wear for night out but do you see if this dress was made with some basic material I would be boring dress and you would never wear it for night out. Anyways I love this halterneck and the colour is also pretty great. I would wear this beauty with some nice pumps or heeled ankle boots and with that of course you will need a nice looking purse that suits this dress and also put some necklaces and bracelet on yourself to looking even better and you got great look for night out in the town

Nasty Gal Ivy Velvet Heel: I mean aren't these such a beauties or what. I love these kind of heels just looking so elegant and with velvet even more. How you can wear them? Well you can do style edgy meets velvet with some leather clothes for example either leather skirt or trousers with some nice shirt and to wear with clutch or it could also work with pretty leather dress, but if you are not into edgy you can wear with pair of very nice high waist jeans and with some blouse or top and blazer to it looks very nice and then you can throw some accessories but either way very nice for either work or just fancy dinner kind of thing 

Metallic silver velvet leggings: this once look awesome don't they? And with these leggings we have to go very simple since the colour is great but very detailed. So how you can wear these is with some simple shirt or even top but look for a nice top and go with one colour black would be the best and the shoes you could wear either ankle boots or sneakers but sneakers need to be kind of nice for example if you have seen my Bershka sneakers these glitter sneakers something like that and then I would wear leather backpack with that it looks kind of cool and accessories so no needed since the leggings are more than enough 

Velvet front lace crop top navy from Missguided: this crop top is very special and has also these lace details that makes it so cute and elegant. For this one it will not be easy to make outfit to be honest but when do it will be amazing. This crop top is for sure for night out. So you can wear this one with pair of elegant trousers or with nice high waist skirt, what also would be great is skirt or short also in velvet and with that some nice heels either ankle boots or just very nice elegant heels and with that you will need a purse and you got super fancy look. 

So very interesting kind of style and I mean as you can noticed this velvet makes any clothing item look classy and elegant and it is way more fun to style it this way. This velvet is great for work and just fancy dinners and event though sometimes you can do for casual but only if the sneakers are velvet and sometimes you can mix casual and velvet but not that often. I hope you got inspired by this one till next time babes

Stay beautiful and amazing

Nakedlydressed xx