in this spring

Friday, February 19, 2016 Nakedly Dressed 0 Comments

hello ladies spring is in and ill show you the whats in not only for spring but also for summer and it may be next year's hit as well so lets get down to it :
- the small metal belt :
especially with short floral dress it is so in this year girls this is a must in you closet as it will be in for even next year's winter , i suggest that you get a golden and a silver one for me i have a copper colored one .
when it comes to the sizes of the belts i have three medium and three super thin ones because i like to wear the three think ones together on a black or white dress they are the boom .
- flowers flowers flowers :
ofc since its spring it is time for flowers and this spring and winter its on more than ever .
big flower prints are very in if you see the new cat walks then you will see flowers flowers flowers .
the most popular is the throw back to the black dress red flower dress short of long its the must have dress this season .
there are alot of throw backs this season so this may be the time to dig up your mothers and grandmothers old clothes as they may be in this season .
-pin up make up:
the evening make up is back big time simple eye liner and bold red lips are the way to get your night started and for day look maybe just use a gloss and for night luqied red lip stick is the bom.
my personal favorite red lips color is M.A.C's color called rubi my favorite and my favorite eyeliners are (Revlon and NYX ) they god good handling on their brushes