Nightout in Barcelona

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As I promised last time when I posted look from my Barcelona trip that I will also post a look from nightout in Barcelona. For you guys to see what I wore for nightout in Barcelona and to take you to my last night in Barcelona and just kind of experience that with me as well. First I will show you just couple of photos from the night and to see the whole thing and then after that I will show you a photo of my look. For our last night in beautiful Barcelona we of course had to go big and that means party hard and also make it very memorable and special. I know what would make this Barcelona experience and that whole night way more special if we would go to very unique and special bar called "Ice bar" I actually already went there last time and I loved it so much that I wanted to give it another try and also experience that with my friends. And yes if you didn't hear about this ice bar it is basically you go in the room, where it is pretty cold and they got cool lighting going on and everything inside is made out of the ice from glasses they serve drinks to chairs and more. We got there around midnight and we had one drink and also had to take way too much selfies and pics because if there are no photos it is basically like you have not been there am I right? And it was very fun when we got out of the bar it was so cool because I was hot as hell because of the temperature in the bar. After that we headed towards club called shoko who is two minutes away from the ice bar. And it was also located at the beach. It was very fun night because I was ordering a lot of drinks for my friend for her to be more chilled and ready to meet some guys. After her third tequilla she was already pretty drunk and was yelling my name and just dancing by herself which was pretty funny to watch. To be honest not a lot of people are fun when they are drunk but she sure is. That night I was so not up for meeting any guys and my whole Barcelona trip but my "drunk friend" she wanted to meet someone so badly and I was going up to the guys and asking them for her but it didn't work so I just gave up. Suddenly and very good looking guy came up to me asking me where I am from and stuff like that and then we went to smoking area to talk for a while and for the rest of the night we hang out with him and his friends. If you want more to the story I will be happy to tell you what happened. But very funny though I was looking for a guy for my friend and then guy found me. It is always when you don't want or you don't expect that something happens so remember this one girls. So now the fun part the photos of that night so you can imagine a bit better

 As you can see pretty cool lighting, great instagram opportunity. Anyways we also got these cool jacket and gloves to keep us warm though not that much and in every corner of the bar we got different colour of lighting going on

And here you can see my back kind of mysterious and of course another lighting kind of loving this green once though 

And here I am sitting on ice chair, feeling like ice queen. But this chair is so dope isn't it? 

And this with my little ice friend 

So these were photos from the special ice bar and now you can really see how it is and maybe you can go and visit it as well. For sure let me know how you like it and now the outfit pics

Elegant top from Bershka | Black skirt with fringe from Bershka |  Leather jacket from Stradivarius | Bracelets from Pull&Bear | Ankle boots from Pepejeans | Black clutch from Manor

As you can see with that look I was going for a bit like bad girl and edgy but not too edgy and that is why my whole outfit is black. But honestly I so much love wearing black for nightout it is perfect colour for me. Anyways I got my fav very fancy top from Bershka that is a bit open in the back very good for club, and with that I wore this beautiful fringe skirt that I think I have mentioned couple of times and have been loving for a while now but never got a chance to show you. It is great skirt and I love wearing it when I go out with some blouses with that I had to wear tights since we were going to the ice bar and trust me it is not worth getting sick but I did take them off at the club. With my beautiful top I wore leather jacket that you are pretty familiar with because I wear it like all the time and for shoes I choose my ankle boots very comfy and they suited perfectly with that kind of edgy look and that was basically it and also added my black clutch I really only wear clutches when I go out because in the past I had bad experiences with handbags now I know my stuff are there with me and I can't lose it. 

So that was it for my Barcelona on night experience hope you enjoyed it and could experience at least half of how I could experience it and got you inspired to maybe go and visit it and opened your eyes to this beautiful place. Btw I said how I met guy in the cub well I did record a video telling the whole story if you are interested let me know so I can post it

A lot of love and hugs

Nakedlydressed xx